Athlete - Blake Lindsley

Blake Lindsley


Blake Lindsley was born and raised in Los Angeles and received her B.A. in Theater from Yale University. Over the past twenty five years Blake has worked extensively as an actress in regional theater, television and feature films. She is also a singer and voice over artist. As a life-long equestrienne, Blake has won numerous championships including the prestigious Foxfield Medal Finals in 2010. She has been obsessed with CrossFit and a member at CrossFit Hollywood since 2009. Blake lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, producer Stephen Nemeth and their two children.


How did you become a CrossFit devotee and what drives your passion for it to this day? I was a yoga enthusiast (and certified instructor) and wanted to get stronger. A friend took me to a CrossFit class… it was so hard, I hated it! But I was also intrigued. I could barely walk the next day and was hooked! I love that it never gets easier, you only get better, and stronger!
You did CrossFit safely and responsibly during your entire second pregnancy, and even completed a WOD on your due date! Describe why CrossFit worked for you as a pregnant mom-to-be. ActualIy I CrossFitted throughout both pregnancies and even rx’d the WOD on both my due dates: Nancy and Squatting Grace (105#)! In my first pregnancy I wanted to stay fit to prepare for birth but also not overdo it. I had an easy labor and delivery, so in my second pregnancy I felt comfortable enough to push myself a little. I even PR’d my back squat (225#) and front squat (185#) when I was almost 9 months!
My anthem song is __________. Tupelo Honey— Van Morisson
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? A bit cheesy, but when I got down in the dumps as a young woman my father used to say, “Sweetheart, it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Enjoy the moment."
Pick 5 adjectives that describe you best. Strong, competitive, empathetic, loving, curious.
What's your Zevia flavor? Cherry Cola! But I love them all.
What superpower would you choose, if you could pick one? Flying!
What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled? I’ve been to some extraordinary places… one favorite is Botswana-- I love animals and went on an amazing safari there. The people are also incredibly warm and kind.