Non-GMO GameDay!

Nothing marries quite like football and food. Let’s be real, half of the fun of game day is what’s to eat! Keeping with the real-talk, we have to admit, those choices aren’t always the best for our bodies! October heralds more than football season, however! It’s also officially Non-GMO month! Do you smell a challenge…


Game Day Wings via Timeout with Mom

Football season is in now in full swing! Game days are fun, but game days with food are even better! It’s easy to put down some major junk food when you’re locked into that TV. Timeout with Mom whipped up a smarter snacking solution! She replaced the root beer in her usual recipe with Zevia Ginger Root Beer. The recipe…


Fantasy Football’s Raider Roots

The New York Post reported that 75 million Americans, nearly one quarter of the population, planned to play fantasy football this year. That number is up from 57 million last year. It’s not just a boys club either; 20% of fantasy sports participants are women! It’s pretty easy to see the growth of fantasy sports from…


Fun in the City: Nashville!

This weekend, we’re headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, also known as FNCE! Attendees are primarily health care professionals, Nutritionists and Dietitians who will be able to review products and services from more than 330 food and nutrition exhibitors.With so many of their clients more or less “addicted” to…


Austin City Limits Festival

The first weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival begins this Friday, October 2nd! In a span of two weekends, over 130 bands will perform on 8 stages for thousands of people. Whether you’re there for Drake, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, The Strokes, or Deadmau5, there’s a little bit of something for all…

Zevia_Digital_NonGMOMonthCampaign_BlogPost_1070x600_Al Fresco

Back to School with Non-GMO Lunch Options

Sending kids back to school after summer vacation can be bittersweet. Gone are the carefree, schedule-free days of summer. Here are the days of packing lunches, rushing out the door, drop-offs, pick-ups and homework… If you’re anything like the moms and dads at Zevia HQ, school lunches can be a bit of struggle. How do…


End of Summer Cocktails via The Examiner

September 23 is officially the last day of summer. With summer coming to a close, there is only one thing to do: celebrate all things summer one last time! What better way to send it off with a bang than with some smarter cocktails?! The Examiner posted a list of cocktails to help you do…


Things We Love: Sweet Smarter Sipping Straws!

Tons of us here at Zevia HQ have #ZeviaMinis of our own! This means we’re always on the lookout for smart treats and toys for the kiddos. This week we stumbled upon something fun from our friends at Red Tricycle that they will absolutely love!  Super fun, crafty straws to keep them busy! From a…


Yogi Berra, It Aint Over ’til it’s Over

It was announced this morning that beloved Yogi Berra has passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Not only was he an excellent baseball player and manager of the Yankees, Mets, and Astros, but he also was quite the unintentional philosopher. No matter what team you root for, it’s hard not to appreciate his…


Honestly WTF Mint Ginger Ale Popsicle

There are few who do DIY with more panache than the genius behind Honestly WTF. Marigold garlands on a Monday? Why not?! The coziest, most adorable textiles from a shop in Oakland, CA?! They have the scoop there, too.  Recently, we partnered for some Instagram magic and the results were delicious! Behold, the Mint Ginger…

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