Things We Love: Gadgets to Keep Cool

On average, the month of August has the most amount of hours of sunlight per day. On top of that, 2015 was the warmest year on record since 1880! 2016 could be even warmer! All of that means August 2016 should be a scorcher to say the least! You can always crank up that AC, but running it 24/7…


2016 CrossFit Games with Landon Donovan

The 2016 CrossFit Games concluded yesterday in Carson, CA, and the Zevia Team had an amazing time at the event. Zevia is an official sponsor of the CrossFit, and we were excited to invite a special guest to the Games, athlete Landon Donovan! The Zevia team introduced Landon to CrossFit for the first time. Having never done CrossFit…


Optimal Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

This delicious recipe is for a Berry Good Smoothie That Can’t Be Beet, created by registered dietician and nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein! Ilana maintains a successful private practice in Beverly Hills, as well as for A&E’s #FitToFatToFit. She has also led the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA for 9 semesters. She personally transformed her own life, losing 85 pounds,…


Maximize Your Post Workout Nutrition Plan

This guest blog post is written by Ilana Muhlstein. a registered dietitian and nutritionist who maintains a successful private practice in Beverly Hills, as well as for A&E’s #FitToFatToFit. Ilana has led the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA for 9 semesters. She personally transformed her own life, losing 85 pounds, and uses that experience to…


10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Caroline Dardini!

Caroline Dardini is not only a CrossFit athlete and competitor, she’s also a Zevia Ambassador! Caroline has been competing in CrossFit since 2012 and is currently a full-time CrossFit Coach! We recently got to chat with Caroline about her journey! 1. How did you get into CrossFit? One night I was working out at home,…


10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Alexandra LaChance!

Alexandra LaChance is a former scholarship athlete, All-American gymnast, published fitness writer, model and has a M.S. in Exercise Science! She won  the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional and qualified for the Games during her first year of competition! As a Zevia Ambassador, we wanted to learn about what makes her tick!   1. When you’re…

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Zevia Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

We recently partnered up with RachLMansfield to create some amazing recipes using Zevia as a key ingredient. These blueberry lemon pancakes are one of Rachel’s genius creations! They are vegan and flourless and contain no added sugar, making these pancakes a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy! Take it from us – these are ddelicious! Pancakes come in an endless amount…


10 Questions with Keto Chef Kelly Courtney

Since 2013, decorated Chef Kelly Courtney has been living a ketogenic, no sugar and anti inflammatory lifestyle. She teaches clients how to eat a primal, ketogenic diet for maximum health. Zevia spoke to Kelly about why she has embraced a ketogenic diet, how it has benefited her health, and the dangers of artificial sweeteners.  1. What is the…

darkchocolatecherrydonuts3 - Copy

Grain-free Dark Chocolate Black Cherry Zevia Donuts

Zevia partnered up with RachLMansfield to create some awesome homemade donuts! With no grains, gluten, or dairy, it’s a healthier-for-you alternative to a sweet cheat that everyone can enjoy! Donuts are a classic for a good reason! But sadly, rarely is a donut worth all that sugar and all those calories. However, with this amazing recipe courtesy of…

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