Daves Marketplace Zevia BOGO

BOGO at Dave’s Marketplace!

Dave’s Marketplace started as a roadside fruit stand by Dave Cesario back in 1969. 40 years later, Dave’s is the largest independent grocery chain in Rhode Island!  With 9 stores across the state, they inspire customers with healthy, natural options and a just-like-family atmosphere. We’re excited to share that now through July 23, Dave’s customers…

Jake Ducey Zevia Journeys

Zevia Journeys: Jake Ducey and the Vans Warped Tour

Jake Ducey is one of those people that glows from the inside out. The type of person other people gravitate to.  Which is a good thing, seeing as he’s touring North America, spreading his message of positivity and empowerment with a wide array of millennial students and recent graduates.  Better still?  He’s riding a tour…

Zevia 4thofJuly Plan

4th of July Party Checklist!

At Zeva HQ, the 4th of July translates to a marathon of food and fun with the people that matter most!  We can’t help but plan out our day of celebrating with friends and family year after year, and naturally, this one is no exception! Read on for our easy party plan checklist… GAMES! You’re…

zevia haralambos

California Just Got Smarter!

Cans in hands. That’s what you’re showing us in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts! And what you’re asking us for is more ways to buy Zevia in more convenient places. So, we think you’re going to like this bit of news hot off the press, because it means more cans in more hands! Zevia and Haralambos, the largest independent distributor of…

Summer Solstice Zevia

Soak up the Summer (Solstice)!

The longest day of continual sunlight all year! What’s not to love?! It heralds the start of summer and all things wonderful! Solstice comes from the Latin “solstitium“  which means “sun stands still” and we think that pretty much nails it! Actually, science has our back because the sun really does pause in its journey…


Perfect Father’s Day

Flowers, brunch, keepsakes – Mother’s Day feels like a breeze when you’re trying to find just the right thing to tell dear ol’ dad you love him.  Father’s Day can be a tricky holiday for some of us to nail the perfect gift so we came up with a fun gift guide tailored just for…

Zevia Athletics PRIDE

Did Somebody Say Rainbow?!

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but it’s literally raining rainbows this month, and for good reason!  You know we adore all things rainbow, unicorns and love, so naturally, we’ve been having a field day as June has officially become Pride month!  Everyone from the Maytag Man to Tiffany jewelry are getting in on the…

Zevia Negroni Americano

The Negroni Americano’s Cowboy Roots

Did you know the classic Italian Negroni Americano actually has some unexpectedly all-American roots? Yup! As the story has it, when Count Negroni headed to the Wild West to explore the new frontier and spend time out on the range, he picked up a variation on the original Negroni he brought back to Florence with…

Professor Chris Neck

Zevia Journeys with Professor Christopher Neck

We first met University Professor, Christopher Neck, a couple years back when he emailed tell us how much he loves Zevia.  Let’s just put it this way, we’ve been pals ever since! Athlete, educator, father, life enthusiast; Chris’ gusto for life is palpable from the first moment you meet him! Zevia: You’re a professor at…

zevia summer kids

School’s Out For Summer!

Schooooool’s out, FOR-EVER! It seems like only yesterday that we ran excitedly off campus on those last days of school.  We still find ourselves chanting Alice Cooper’s song, every year come summer!  These days, though, we’re the ones waiting to pick up the happy kids! We wanted to capture these fleeting days for the #ZeviaMinis…

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