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Breast Cancer Awareness; Zevia & Oakland Athletics

This Labor Day weekend, Zevia will be joining forces with the Oakland Athletics for a day fully dedicated to breast cancer awareness and celebrating its survivors. 2015 marks our second year attending this event as the title sponsor and we couldn’t be more excited. If last year was any testament, it’s a day not to…

Zevia Journeys Lauren Pappas

Zevia Journeys: Lauren Pappas

We caught up with our friend, DJ, fitness guru, and Zevia lover, Lauren Pappas. To call her a renaissance woman, would be an understatement! Here, she gives us the skinny on eating her fears for breakfast, motivation and music! Zevia: Your videos are really fun to watch, and feel very doable, what lit the fire…


MTV VMAs, AKA Eye Candy

Sunday, August 30th, the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) will be presented to dozens of artists for the 21st time. Originally created as an alternative to the Grammy’s, this event has often been dubbed the “Super Bowl for youth,” referencing its allure for teenagers and young adults. Maybe that’s why some artists attending the VMAs…

Crush a Can Day

Crush a Can!

It’s National Crush a Can Day! Today serves as a reminder for everyone to do their part in recycling. You may not realize how big of an impact recycling has, so let’s put it in perspective. The aluminum cans recycled in 2010 could circle the earth 169 times if laid out end to end Over…

Things We Love Wallsticker

Things We Love: Decals a la Domino!

Your #ZeviaMinis are the cutest. Their room should be, too, right?! If you’re anything like the moms and dads here, you may not have time to make their lair magazine-ready.  Enter these ridiculously sweet mini heart wall decals from Domino magazine! Not only are they adorable, but they are super easy to apply.  The size…

NYT smarter food trends Zevia

You’re Voting with Your Dollars & It’s Working!

There’s a lot of buzz these days about small, privately owned food and beverage companies going toe-to-toe with industry heavy weights. The New York Times recently published an article which highlights this changing landscape, including the emergence of companies that previously had trouble competing with the traditional behemoths.  Chobani, as you may recall, was one…

Whiskey Sour Day

Whiskey Sour with a Twist!

What better way to celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day, than by making just that! The whiskey sour is a staple for cocktail connoisseurs everywhere. We decided to take the recipe created by Esquire and make it our own! We took this classic cocktail, eased up on the sugar a bit, and gave it a Zevia…

Zevia Burning Man

10 Principles of Burning Man

At this moment, tens of thousands of people are gearing up to gather in the middle of the desert, to ignite a community, a culture, and a giant man-shaped fire! If you haven’t heard, Burning Man is upon us! Every year, over 50,000 people come together to form a temporary metropolis in Nevada’s Black Rock…

Zevia National Lemonade Day

Light Freckled Lemonade

Anyone remember setting up a lemonade stand on their front lawn when they were a kid? We do! That’s one reason we’re super excited about National Lemonade Day. Instead of using a sugar-filled store bought brand, try a smarter homemade lemonade, Don’t worry about the recipe, we got you covered with this fresh Light Freckled…

Mocktail_Ginger Lime Zinger sized for site

Ginger Lime Zinger

You’ve finally gotten the Zevia Minis out of the house and back to school. It’s still scorching hot outside and who doesn’t need a little bit of a relief? Well our friends at The Goodie Goodie Foodie mixed up the perfect cure for the August heat! Even better, you can make this uber fresh mocktail…

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