Caffeine Free Cola Soda

A crisp sip of Caffeine Free Cola sunshine!

Caffeine Free
Cola love

Cola’s laid back sister

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Zero Calories - No Artificial Sweeteners

We know everyone loves Zevia Cola, because its our best-selling Zevia flavor. But sometimes you want the citrus and spicy flavor you enjoy in Zevia Cola without the caffeine that comes along with it.

Meet Zevia Cola's laid back sister, Zevia Caffeine Free Cola. It has everything you love about Zevia Cola, except the caffeine. You can expect the same flavors that wake up your taste buds when you drink Zevia Cola, all without actually waking you up. You requested it and we listened. When it comes to diet soda and health, we know that not everyone drinks caffeine, and we're excited to offer you a Caffeine Free Cola, just the way you want it.