Grapefruit Citrus Soda

A Grapefruit Citrus high dive into a pool of crisp refreshment!

Ruby Red, Lemon, Lime – Grapefruit Citrus is always a good time

More crisp than a fall day

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Zero Calories - No Artificial Sweeteners

Zevia Grapefruit Citrus is the magician of the Zevia flavors. Don’t believe us? Bring a six-pack to your next party and watch it disappear. Some say that our naturally sweetened Zevia Grapefruit Citrus is the most refreshing of all the Zevia flavors. All would say that the perfectly balanced ruby red grapefruit taste with a punch of lemon and lime will create a sparkly sensation in your mouth. You may give Grapefruit Citrus a try because of its colorful exterior and refreshing name, but it’s the feeling you get when drinking it that will have you coming back for more. That, and the fact that at zero calories, it’s actually a healthy diet soda alternative.