Orange Soda

A water balloon explosion of Orange!

Orange you glad you picked me?

Watch out OJ

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Zero Calories - No Artificial Sweeteners

Orange soda is normally orange. It’s also normally full of calories, sugar and artificial flavors like other diet sodas with aspartame. Zevia Orange soda is clear, which makes it perfect for the kids in your home and the kid in all of us. And just because it isn’t orange in color, doesn’t mean it isn’t orange in taste. Zevia Orange soda is like biting into your favorite piece of citrus (minus the seeds, the pulp, and potential to squirt juice into your eye). The bold flavor in this diet orange soda alternative makes it tangy and delicious. Plus, it’s the only naturally sweetened orange soda that’s zero calories and sugar free. If you’re looking for a diet orange soda without aspartame, you’ve found it. So go on, take a big gulp. It might just replace your morning OJ.