Smarter Snack Time One of the best things about parenthood is seeing little faces light up with wonder and excitement. At Zevia, we think that should happen at snack time, too. We believe snack time doesn’t have to be limiting – it can be both fun and healthy! With 15 delicious flavors, Zevia is the Smarter Soda your entire family can enjoy.

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Smarter Family Time With so many mixed messages circling, it’s hard to quiet the chatter and know what’s really important for ourselves and our families. Zevia is happy to be the Smarter Soda you don’t have to worry about. With Zero Calories, No Sugar, and No Artificial Sweeteners, we’ll be there for celebrations, parties, scraped knees, break ups, and all of the moments in between. Think of us as your cheerleader for that little thing called life! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for special promotions and giveaways.

Smarter Recipes We’re all aware of the dangers of artificial sweeteners and the negative health impacts of high-sugar diets. With natural ingredients, zero calorie Zevia is a smarter soda alternative because it’s naturally sweetened, which means no harmful side effects! Making a colorful birthday cake? Why not use Strawberry Zevia to add some sweetness? Or maybe you’re hosting a party and need an easy, delicious cocktail to serve! Consider our recipes page your go-to resource for ideas and inspiration.

Smarter Cravings From the way we clean our homes to the foods we put into our bodies – becoming a parent means looking at health and wellness with a new set of eyes. When you’re craving something sweet and bubbly, the closest thing in reach is often the last thing you want for you or your family. Well, we like to think we’ve mastered the art of smart soda. Always zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, and sugar-free, stevia-sweetened Zevia is a naturally easy choice! Click here to see all 15 of our delicious flavors. (10 are caffeine-free!)

Bittersweet Blog It was love at first sip so many years ago, and you’ll rarely find my pantry stocked with fewer than three different varieties at a time. The new and improved Zevia sodas are distinctly smoother, less harsh and acidic, while placing a greater emphasis on the underlying flavors…Just as good as before, and yet somehow better than ever? Now that’s a sweet change that I can fully embrace! Visit The Bittersweet Blog
The Dirty Vegan I'm basically in love with Zevia soda now. See, way back when, I used to be a huge diet soda junkie. In fact, my girlfriends and I could polish off several bottles of diet cola while pulling all-nighters and playing cards. Oh, to be a teenager again. If I were a teenager in 2014, I would have done the whole soda thing a lot differently. I would have chosen Zevia. Visit The Dirty Vegan Blog
Rachel L. Hardy
Green Moms Meet
My family loves Zevia! We don't buy anything else. I'm so glad I discovered it earlier this year. I feel good giving it to my kinds instead of main stream soda.