Big Taste
From A Small Leaf

Stevia is a sweet little miracle of nature. Well, we think so anyway. Originally found in Paraguay this small shrub, native to the Sunflower family, provides 200x the sweetness of sugar with no calories.

What is REB-A? Reb-A, or rebaudioside A, is the high purity, steviol glycoside naturally extracted from the stevia leaf. Used in powder or liquid form, Reb-A is the FDA approved sweetener that is both all natural and zero calories.

Is Stevia Safe?

The United States FDA issued GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) notice for Reb-A as a sweetener in December 2008. Extensive studies have shown that Reb-A (Stevia Extract) does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels, making it a smart sweetener option for those with diabetes.

More on Zevia's Stevia

All stevia used in Zevia is grown right here in the United States. In fact, stevia requires similar climate conditions to tobacco. Many old tobacco farms are converting to stevia fields! With the launch of SweetSmart, Zevia is thrilled to share that we are now using a high purity 99% Reb-A.

This plant based sweetener, originally native to South America, has leaves 200x sweeter than sugar and no caloric value or effect on blood glucose levels!

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