Zevia Ambassador Alexandra LaChance
Alexandra LaChance Athlete

A little bit about Alexandra

Alexandra Aurora LaChance is a former All American gymnast and scholarship athlete for the University of Arkansas. As a National Elite and Level 10 Gymnast, Alex became a 5-time USA Gymnastics National Championship Competitor, and accumulated 5 State Championship gold medals, 10 Regional Championship gold medals, and 25 other Level 10 State, Regional, and National Championship medals. She is a published fitness writer and model, with a M.S. in Exercise Science (University of Arkansas, 2012). Alexandra won the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional and qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games during her first year competing as an Individual CrossFit Athlete. She is a USA Olympic Weightlifting National Qualifier, Powerlifting competitor, and a Professional Grid Athlete with the two-time League Champion DC Brawlers. Aside from being a full-time athlete, Alex travels around the country holding Gymnastics Seminars.

What drives your passion for Olympic Weightlifting?

I always want to be better at everything I do. In Olympic Weightlifting, there is no ceiling for improvement. You can always be stronger and improve technique. Every training session is an opportunity to become a better athlete.

How did you get into Olympic Lifting?

After I graduated the University of Arkansas as an All-American Gymnast, it was time for me to find a new reason to workout. I fell into Fitness Modeling, and had a few fitness articles and magazine covers published, but training for photo shoots wasn’t enough for me after a while. I missed competing in an arena with thousands of spectators screaming and feeling like my heart was going to explode from the adrenaline of competition. A friend suggested trying CrossFit, and I immediately fell in love after my first day. A year later I won the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional Competition, and qualified for the CrossFit Games- the biggest stage of CrossFit Competition. Then my coach suggested I try an Olympic Lifting Competition out of the blue, during my off season of CrossFit. I qualified for the American Open, and then I qualified for the USAW Nationals in just my second competition. I've been obsessed ever since!

My anthem song is __________.

“Keep Pushing” by T-Ferg ft Meech New Era.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Focus on your own plan and your own journey, and things will fall into place as they should. Be motivated by other’s success, but don’t question what you’re doing because your path may be different.  

If I wasn’t an Olympic Lifter...

I would be a Power Lifter.

Pick 5 adjectives that describe you best.

Perfectionist, Driven, Clumsy (Life Proof cases on EVERYTHING), Pantsless, Caffeine-Addict

What is your favorite Zevia flavor?

Cream Soda =)

What’s your biggest fear?


Who’s your personal hero?


What’s your favorite quote?

"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself."- Henry Ward Beecher

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a Zevia?

In a glass with frozen pieces of fruit as ice cubes!

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