Zevia Ambassador Dominic Clark
Dominic Clark Athlete

A little bit about Dominic

Dominic Clark was born in Seattle in 1985 and was raised by a strong single mother who always showed him that he could do anything he wanted with hard work. In high school, he was an All-State football player and a 2x Virginia State Wrestling Champion. He received a full scholarship to wrestle at Fresno State University where he was introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA. He proceeded to dive into professional competition and moved his life to LA in 2011. He has fought for Strikeforce, and currently he is the CXF Lightweight Champion. His ultimate goal is to make the UFC.

What drives your passion for MMA?

My driving passion for MMA is the competition. There’s no other sport that compares. The different array of skills necessary just to step inside the cage is insane. From the wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu to the boxing, kickboxing… the overall studying of martial arts is non-stop and very addictive.

My anthem song is __________.

Kanye West - All Day, a song with the same name as my fighter nickname.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Win or Learn, we never lose.

If I wasn’t a MMA fighter I would be a...

If I wasn't an MMA fighter, I would be a detective or a fireman.

Pick 5 adjectives that describe you best.

Charismatic, Passionate, Funny, Athletic, Loyal

What is your favorite Zevia flavor?


If you could choose a superpower what would it be?


Why do you love Zevia?

I love Zevia because it feels like I'm cheating on my diet, but I am not.

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