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Zevia Strawberry Vanilla Valentine's Day Donuts

Zevia Strawberry Vanilla Valentine’s Day Donuts

Roses are red, violets are blue, stevia is sweet, and so are you! Enjoy a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day, without the sugar. Sweetened with fruit, stevia, and Strawberry Zevia, these strawberry vanilla donuts don’t need added sugar to be sweet as can be. Bake them for your sweetie or hog them all to yourself….

Zevia Strawberry Rose Prosecco Cocktail

Strawberry Rose Prosecco Cocktail

Sometimes we like to feel fancy, and other times we like to feel simple. Today, we get to do both. We’re whipping up a deliciously adorable Strawberry Rose Prosecco Cocktail to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Time is precious and with only 5 ingredients, you can spend less time mixing and more time with your sweetie! Ingredients: 1/2…