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Zevia Box of Chocolates Cocktail

Box of Chocolates Cocktail

Valentine’s day might be over but it’s never too late to do something sweet for your partner. Heck, we might even just make these for ourselves. They’re that good. Besides being super simple and delicious, we can also make extra chocolate covered strawberries for later. Now that’s a win, if you ask us. Recipe by…

Zevia Chocolate Root Beer Popsicles

Chocolate Root Beer Popsicles

There’s nothing like a nice, refreshing popsicle for when the weather starts to heat up. If we’re picking some up from the store, it’s easy to get fooled by the labeling on the box. A single “no sugar added” fudge popsicle can contain a number of artificial sweeteners and chemicals we can’t even guess how to pronounce. Instead, take…