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naturally sweetened Spring Lavender Dark and Stormy

Spring Lavender Dark and Stormy

We love a nice cool Dark and Stormy in the summertime. No, we’re not talking about the weather – we’re talking about the cocktail. Naturally, we’re using Zevia Ginger Ale as our base. The key to a good Dark and Stormy is the perfect ratio between the ginger and rum flavor combinations. We figured that…

Zevia naturally sweetened Frozen Cucumber Watermelon Margarita

Frozen Cucumber Watermelon Margarita

Instead of a classic margarita, we’re whipping up a frozen cucumber watermelon margarita to enjoy the warm weather. Margaritas are perfect for the summer months. What’s not perfect for the summer months is the 30 grams of added sugar that come in just ONE serving of margarita mix. Instead, we use just real fruit and…