Blackberry Red Wine Spritzers

Zevia Blackberry Red Wine Spritzers

One of our least favorite things is when our ice melts and waters down our drinks. We’ve managed to find a solution that will not only get rid of that problem, but make our drinks even better as the ice melts. Our solution? Wine. Yes, really. Make loads of theseĀ red wine ice cubes, and if you’re anything like us, you might find yourself counting down the seconds until the ice melts!

Recipe by Random Acts of Pastel.



1. To make the wine ice cubes, dilute the wine with water to help it freeze (about 3 parts wine, 1 part water). You can add some blackberries to the ice cub if you’re feelingĀ bold. Freeze overnight

2. Right before serving, remove red wine ice cubes and add to glasses

3. Pour Zevia Blackberry Sparkling Water over ice cubes and watch the color fill the glass!

4. Garnish with some blackberries and enjoy!

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