Zevia + Oakland Athletics

Zevia + Oakland Athletics

Batter up! Baseball season is finally here. This year marks the 3rd season that Zevia is the official soda of the Oakland Athletics! As the first and only naturally sweetened, zero calorie soda in Major League Baseball, the Zevia team decided to make a trip to Oakland for Opening Day 2016!! We got the opportunity to share…

Zevia - BCA Day with the Oakland A's

BCA Day with the Oakland A’s

As we shared last week, Zevia joined up with the Oakland Athletics for Breast Cancer Awareness Day, to celebrate hope and survival.  Goodies, such as custom pink Zevia head scarves, were given out to thousands of fans. The A’s even raffled off a custom quilt with autographs from the entire team! Breast cancer survivors were…

BCA Day Zevia & Oakland Athletics

Breast Cancer Awareness; Zevia & Oakland Athletics

This Labor Day weekend, Zevia will be joining forces with the Oakland Athletics for a day fully dedicated to breast cancer awareness and celebrating its survivors. 2015 marks our second year attending this event as the title sponsor and we couldn’t be more excited. If last year was any testament, it’s a day not to…

Zevia - Sam Fuld & Zevia Floats!

Catch the Sweet with Sam Fuld & Zevia Floats!

What’s a better way to beat the heat than a good old fashioned root beer float? The story goes that ice cream floats were invented when Robert McCay Green, of Philadelphia, wanted to create a new treat to attract customers away from his competition back in 1874. He decided to toss in some vanilla ice cream, instead…

Zevia Athletics PRIDE

Did Somebody Say Rainbow?!

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but it’s literally raining rainbows this month, and for good reason!  You know we adore all things rainbow, unicorns and love, so naturally, we’ve been having a field day as June has officially become Pride month!  Everyone from the Maytag Man to Tiffany jewelry are getting in on the…