Zevia - DIY Cooler Makeover

DIY Cooler Makeover

  It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but summer is finally here! Many people spend the majority of their time outside, and we can’t blame them! Fun in the sun is the name of the game! Naturally, we have to bring our favorite beverage wherever we go. With this awesome and easy cooler makeover…

Zevia Raspberry Daiquiri

Zevia Raspberry Daiquiri a la Ashley Rose Conway

Some people just get it. Ashley Rose Conway of Craft and Cocktails is one of those people. After admiring her work from afar, we finally got the chance to team up with her. She amazed us yet again with a stunning cocktail! Her recipe for Zevia Raspberry Daiquiri  is utter perfection. We can’t wait to make these…

Zevia - Game Day Wings via Timeout with Mom

Game Day Wings via Timeout with Mom

Football season is in now in full swing! Game days are fun, but game days with food are even better! It’s easy to put down some major junk food when you’re locked into that TV. Timeout with Mom whipped up a smarter snacking solution! She replaced the root beer in her usual recipe with Zevia Ginger Root Beer. The recipe…

Zevia - Honestly WTF Mint Ginger Ale Popsicle

Honestly WTF Mint Ginger Ale Popsicle

There are few who do DIY with more panache than the genius behind Honestly WTF. Marigold garlands on a Monday? Why not?! The coziest, most adorable textiles from a shop in Oakland, CA?! They have the scoop there, too.  Recently, we partnered for some Instagram magic and the results were delicious! Behold, the Mint Ginger…

zevia granita cocktails

Melodrama’s Whiskey Ginger Root Beer Granita

Whiskey and ginger is a cocktail staple for a reason! Our friends at Melodrama Blog  had that in mind when she concocted this granita made with Zevia Ginger Root Beer! Throw that in a glass with some whiskey, bitters and a maraschino cherry and you have a smarter cocktail that will be hard to turn down!…

Zevia - The Cookie Rookie's Margarita Float

The Cookie Rookie’s Margarita Float

The Cookie Rookie strikes again! You may have seen some of her other awesome creations here, such as her Adult Dark Cherry Soda! She is one of our favorites, and with good reason! Her newest creation is a Margarita Float made with Lemon Lime Twist. To nobody’s surprise, this float turned out not only delicious, but absolutely…

zevia granita cocktails

Melodrama’s Aperol Strawberry Granita

Sometimes we want a drink, but want to do something a little creative. Lucky for us, we have great friends like Melodrama who come up with some awesome stuff! Case in point, this granita made with Strawberry Zevia! Add that to some Aperol, bitters, and lime and you’re set! Get the full recipe! Do you…

Zevia granita cocktails

Melodrama’s Tequila Lemon Lime Twist Granita

Our friend at Melodrama decided to whip up something a little different than a regular old cocktail. That something is a granita, made with Lemon Lime Twist Zevia and little bit of tequila. If you’ve never tried a granita, here’s a perfect excuse! Check out the full recipe! Share

Corina Nielsen's Pumpkin Spice Zevia Float

Corina Nielsen’s Pumpkin Spice Zevia Float

Health food blogger Corina Nielsen is not only a huge Zevia fan, but also the creator of some absolutely amazing and beautiful dishes. To nobody’s surprise, she nailed it again! This time, she whipped up a recipe for a pumpkin spice Ginger Root Beer float. We’re happy she did, since it’s here just in time for fall!…

Zevia Journeys Chris Bell cow

Zevia Journeys: Chris Bell

Chris Bell is not only the director of the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster*, as well as a huge fan of Zevia. The documentary, that premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, discusses the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs. We got to chat with Chris recently: Zevia: Chris, you are a bit of a…