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Zevia Partners with USA Weightlifting

Being a top tier athlete not only requires you to train hard, but eat clean too. The old adage goes that fitness is accomplished by 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen. It can be a challenge to give up some of life’s simple pleasures, cold turkey. With Zevia, you don’t have to. That’s…

Zevia is an Official Sponsor of the 2016 Crossfit Games

Zevia is an Official Sponsor of the 2016 Crossfit Games!

Zevia is proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of the 2016 CrossFit Games! In fact, Zevia is the first and only official soda of the CrossFit Games. Pretty surprising right? Well it shouldn’t be! CrossFit as an organization takes a firm stance against “big soda” and is actively fighting sugar consumption. As the leading zero-calorie,…

Zevia + Oakland Athletics

Zevia + Oakland Athletics

Batter up! Baseball season is finally here. This year marks the 3rd season that Zevia is the official soda of the Oakland Athletics! As the first and only naturally sweetened, zero calorie soda in Major League Baseball, the Zevia team decided to make a trip to Oakland for Opening Day 2016!! We got the opportunity to share…

Esca Bona More Accessibility To Better Food Convention: Organic Farm

Esca Bona!

We’re heading to Austin, one of our favorite cities in America, for a groundbreaking event! It’s called Esca Bona but it’s about so much more than just food. Latin for “Good Food,” and the core topic of the event, Esca Bona is a convention that brings great minds together in favor building a future with…

Zevia - Sacramento Challenger

Serving It Up at the Sacramento Challenger!

This last weekend, we headed to Sacramento for the Sacramento Challenger stop on the USTA Pro Circuit Tournament. Zevia was a proud sponsor of this event, which had a $100,000 pay out! Many see this as a step towards playing on the ATP World Tour for young, up and coming players. As a sponsor, we…

Zevia - Fun in the City: Las Vegas

Fun in the City: Las Vegas

Your voices are being heard! We’re working on getting into more convenience stores, and this weekend we’re heading to Sin City for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show to get our motor running! While we’re not at the show, we’ll be looking for some entertainment. Thankfully, saying Las Vegas has no shortage of…

Zevia - Fun in the City: Nashville!

Fun in the City: Nashville!

This weekend, we’re headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, also known as FNCE! Attendees are primarily health care professionals, Nutritionists and Dietitians who will be able to review products and services from more than 330 food and nutrition exhibitors.With so many of their clients more or less “addicted” to…

Zevia Austin City Limits Festival

Austin City Limits Festival

The first weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival begins this Friday, October 2nd! In a span of two weekends, over 130 bands will perform on 8 stages for thousands of people. Whether you’re there for Drake, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, The Strokes, or Deadmau5, there’s a little bit of something for all…

Zevia - BCA Day with the Oakland A's

BCA Day with the Oakland A’s

As we shared last week, Zevia joined up with the Oakland Athletics for Breast Cancer Awareness Day, to celebrate hope and survival.  Goodies, such as custom pink Zevia head scarves, were given out to thousands of fans. The A’s even raffled off a custom quilt with autographs from the entire team! Breast cancer survivors were…

Zevia - Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

14 years ago, the United States experienced one of the greatest tragedies in its history. Most of us can likely recall exactly where we were and what we were doing on September 11, 2001. This year, to commemorate the date, forty-four 7,000 watt xenon light bulbs will be arranged so the beams form the shape…