Zevia Ambassador Brent Fikowski

Zevia Ambassador Brent Fikowski | Ascent to Victory

Zevia Ambassador Brent Fikowski is one of the elite CrossFit athletes in the world. A few weeks ago, we joined Brent at the CrossFit West Regionals in Portland, Oregon. Brent reflected on his journey to becoming the back to back champion of the CrossFit West Regionals in 2016 and again this year in 2017. Now he’s headed…

Zevia Ambassador

Zevia Partners with USA Weightlifting

Being a top tier athlete not only requires you to train hard, but eat clean too. The old adage goes that fitness is accomplished by 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen. It can be a challenge to give up some of life’s simple pleasures, cold turkey. With Zevia, you don’t have to. That’s…

Zevia 10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Caroline Dardini

10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Caroline Dardini!

Caroline Dardini is not only a CrossFit athlete and competitor, she’s also a Zevia Ambassador! Caroline has been competing in CrossFit since 2012 and is currently a full-time CrossFit Coach! We recently got to chat with Caroline about her journey! 1. How did you get into CrossFit? One night I was working out at home,…

Zevia 10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Alexandra LaChance!

10 Questions with CrossFit Athlete Alexandra LaChance!

Alexandra LaChance is a former scholarship athlete, All-American gymnast, published fitness writer, model and has a M.S. in Exercise Science! She won  the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional and qualified for the Games during her first year of competition! As a Zevia Ambassador, we wanted to learn about what makes her tick!   1. When you’re…

Zevia is an Official Sponsor of the 2016 Crossfit Games

Zevia is an Official Sponsor of the 2016 Crossfit Games!

Zevia is proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of the 2016 CrossFit Games! In fact, Zevia is the first and only official soda of the CrossFit Games. Pretty surprising right? Well it shouldn’t be! CrossFit as an organization takes a firm stance against “big soda” and is actively fighting sugar consumption. As the leading zero-calorie,…

Zevia - Things We Love: Fitness Gadgets

Things We Love: Fitness Gadgets

Whether it’s January or June, it’s always a good time to focus on your health. Forget the resolution! Here are some of our favorite tools that make fitness a little more fun no matter the time of year! Charity Miles – improve the world and get in shape with this app that donates to charity…

Zevia - Glow in the Dark Workout Gear

Things We Love: Glow in the Dark Workout Gear

Work out like it’s 1999! It’s tough enough to stay motivated to work out, especially if you’re busy during the day. When your workout time is early in the morning or late at night, running or biking can be a safety hazard in the dark. That’s exactly what this workout gear is made for! Refinery…

Zevia Journeys Lauren Pappas

Zevia Journeys: Lauren Pappas

We caught up with our friend, DJ, fitness guru, and Zevia lover, Lauren Pappas. To call her a renaissance woman, would be an understatement! Here, she gives us the skinny on eating her fears for breakfast, motivation and music! Zevia: Your videos are really fun to watch, and feel very doable, what lit the fire…

Women's Running Top 5 Zevia

5 Things We Love about Women’s Running

We love running.  So we’re pretty pumped that the publication all about pounding the pavement included Zevia in their feature, 5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week! Women’s Running is a website dedicated to all things health and wellness, which is definitely our jam, so we decided to reveal the 5 Things We Love about…


Zevia Journeys with Professor Christopher Neck

We first met University Professor, Christopher Neck, a couple years back when he emailed tell us how much he loves Zevia.  Let’s just put it this way, we’ve been pals ever since! Athlete, educator, father, life enthusiast; Chris’ gusto for life is palpable from the first moment you meet him! Zevia: You’re a professor at…