Esca Bona More Accessibility To Better Food Convention: Organic Farm

Esca Bona!

We’re heading to Austin, one of our favorite cities in America, for a groundbreaking event! It’s called Esca Bona but it’s about so much more than just food. Latin for “Good Food,” and the core topic of the event, Esca Bona is a convention that brings great minds together in favor building a future with…

Paddy Spence CEO Zevia

Paddy Spence: My American Success Story

From secondhand jeans with knee patches to his Harvard MBA, Zevia CEO Paddy Spence’s journey has been a remarkable one, to say the least. Paddy and his two brothers were raised by a single mother, who was devoted to providing the best opportunities possible for his education and instilling a love of natural and organic…

Zevia Clearly Different

Clearly Different: Zevia Now non-GMO + Clear!

We’ve got a HUGE announcement!  Actually, you should probably sit down, it’s a double whammy. By the end of June, all Zevia products produced will be Non-GMO Project Verified and color-free, including caramel color. As our CEO Paddy Spence says, “We all love the bubbles, flavors, sweetness and enjoyment that soda offers, but many of…

Zevia - Smarter Soda Revolution

Sweet Revolution!

In the world of “Big Soda” there is Coca-Cola and there is Pepsico.  And now, there is Coke Life and Pepsi True.  They have both recently launched mid-calorie versions (both contain 60 calories per 8oz serving) of their sodas in response to continued sales declines and consumer demand for better for you options.  Both variations contain stevia, the…

Zevia Stevia Field Natural

How Stevia is Supporting U.S. Agriculture

A farmer interviewed in a Bloomberg News piece last year cited that he remembered a time when tobacco farmers in Alma, Georgia numbered in the several hundreds (over 300, to be precise).  Now, he noted, there’s just one.   What have these farmers, along with so many others across the American South, swapped the controversial crop…

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda Cans

Mid-Calorie Sodas, An Awkward Mix

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about sugar and obesity in America and globally.  Naturally, people are looking for healthier options without chemical additives.  So it’s no surprise Zevia is experiencing the explosive growth we’ve seen over the last couple years. The two biggest soda brands in the world, however, have been taking blows…

Zevia smarter kids

Mid Calorie vs Zero Calorie Soda, What Gives?

You ever hear the term “mid-calorie”  or “low-calorie” soda? Did it make you cringe just now?  It makes our teeth itch, but that could be the corn syrup.  Or maybe the aspartame.  We’re not really sure because we don’t put any of those things in Zevia: no artificial sweeteners, no HFCS or sugar, and definitely…


Old Soda’s New Challenger?! Yup!

“Pepsi & Coke’s new cola war challenger? Zevia.”  So said Fortune Magazine in a recent article.  And you know what?  We LOVE it! We’ve been shouting stevia from the rooftops for years now and while we’ve had our naysayers, our voice has gotten undeniably louder and clearer!  As many more people, worldwide, become increasingly aware…

Paddy Spence Zevia at BevNet

Alpha Dogs of BevNET

The writers at the beverage industry insider publication, BevNET, aren’t big fans of rankings lists.  But they wanted to highlight the people, places and brands in the beverage industry that are dominating the playing field – and sometimes even changing it entirely.  From the Almond industry to the state of Colorado to New Belgium to…