Zevia Cheers to Non-GMO Month 2016

Cheers to Non-GMO Month 2016

This October marks the 7th year of Non-GMO Month. Non-GMO Month was created by the Non-GMO Project to help spread awareness and highlight some of the awesome brands that offer a much safer option.  As of 2016, there are over 40,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products on shelves from over 2,700 verified brands. Not only was Zevia…

Zevia - Non-GMO After School Snacks

Non-GMO After School Snacks

What happens in the kitchen after school at your house?! If it’s anything like some of our experiences, there’s a bit of a mad rush for the fridge and some seriously questionable choices for “snacks”.  Non-GMO month is here, so we’re taking the opportunity to refocus on better-for-you options for all the peeps in your…

Zevia - Non-GMO Month School Lunch

Impromptu Apps for Unexpected Guests!

Baby, it’s cold outside. One of our favorite autumnal details is that cozy feeling brought on by a warm home full of all the right people. As much as we love a full house, sometimes it happens by surprise.  Rather than rushing to slap together something tasty, reclaim those beloved moments with an easy arsenal…

Zevia - Non-GMO Game Day Salsa

Non-GMO GameDay!

Nothing marries quite like football and food. Let’s be real, half of the fun of game day is what’s to eat! Keeping with the real-talk, we have to admit, those choices aren’t always the best for our bodies! October heralds more than football season, however! It’s also officially Non-GMO month! Do you smell a challenge…

Zevia Digital Non-GMO Month

Back to School with Non-GMO Lunch Options

Sending kids back to school after summer vacation can be bittersweet. Gone are the carefree, schedule-free days of summer. Here are the days of packing lunches, rushing out the door, drop-offs, pick-ups and homework… If you’re anything like the moms and dads at Zevia HQ, school lunches can be a bit of struggle. How do…

Zevia - What's Next for Non-GMO

What’s Next for Non-GMO

Recently, Food Dive published an article about the growth of the Non-GMO industry, one we’ve recently become very familiar with!  They cite that Non-GMO products account for $550 billion, or 11%, of the $5 trillion global food and beverage industry. Packaged Facts predicts that the global market for Non-GMO products will actually double by 2019….

Zevia Brand Transparency Non-GMO

Food Business News and Brand Transparency

Did you know, Zevia is the only diet soda in the top 20 not owned by Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper Snapple?!  On Monday, Food Business News published an article highlighting our growth as well as our move to becoming clear in color and Non-GMO Project Verified.  The story dives into a conversation with Zevia CEO,…

New York Times smarter food trends Zevia

You’re Voting with Your Dollars & It’s Working!

There’s a lot of buzz these days about small, privately owned food and beverage companies going toe-to-toe with industry heavy weights. The New York Times recently published an article which highlights this changing landscape, including the emergence of companies that previously had trouble competing with the traditional behemoths.  Chobani, as you may recall, was one…

Paddy's Perspective The Choice to go clear

The choice to cut caramel color

Dear Zevia Drinker, As you are reading this, the first Non-GMO Project Verified, clear Zevia sodas are hitting your retailer’s shelves, and we are thrilled to be launching our cleanest label yet. Part of our change involved removing caramel color from our products, and I wanted to take a moment and share what went into…

Zevia Non GMO

Clearly Amazon!

Amazon. Like its namesake implies, it’s big, unparalleled in size, often exciting and sometimes mystifying! We’re into all those things so clearly we’re super excited to announce that our improved, Non-GMO Project Verified, color-free smarter sodas are now yours for the taking on our very own page there! This means you can have Zevia delivered…