Zevia - stevia as a sugar alternative

5 Simple Swaps for a Sugar Free Family Friendly Movie Night

Movie nights aren’t complete without a bevy of snacks and drinks. Nowadays, there’s sugar hiding in everything we buy. In fact, 74% of packaged foods in grocery stores contain added sugar. While no parent wants their little ones bouncing off the walls at bedtime, the impact of sugar goes beyond that. Eating sugar before bed causes a spike…

Zevia - Non-GMO After School Snacks

Non-GMO After School Snacks

What happens in the kitchen after school at your house?! If it’s anything like some of our experiences, there’s a bit of a mad rush for the fridge and some seriously questionable choices for “snacks”.  Non-GMO month is here, so we’re taking the opportunity to refocus on better-for-you options for all the peeps in your…

Zevia - Non-GMO Month School Lunch

Impromptu Apps for Unexpected Guests!

Baby, it’s cold outside. One of our favorite autumnal details is that cozy feeling brought on by a warm home full of all the right people. As much as we love a full house, sometimes it happens by surprise.  Rather than rushing to slap together something tasty, reclaim those beloved moments with an easy arsenal…

Zevia - Non-GMO Game Day Salsa

Non-GMO GameDay!

Nothing marries quite like football and food. Let’s be real, half of the fun of game day is what’s to eat! Keeping with the real-talk, we have to admit, those choices aren’t always the best for our bodies! October heralds more than football season, however! It’s also officially Non-GMO month! Do you smell a challenge…

Zevia - Sweet Smarter Sipping Straws!

Things We Love: Sweet Smarter Sipping Straws!

Tons of us here at Zevia HQ have #ZeviaMinis of our own! This means we’re always on the lookout for smart treats and toys for the kiddos. This week we stumbled upon something fun from our friends at Red Tricycle that they will absolutely love!  Super fun, crafty straws to keep them busy! From a…