Zevia Journeys

Zevia Journeys Lauren Pappas

Zevia Journeys: Lauren Pappas

We caught up with our friend, DJ, fitness guru, and Zevia lover, Lauren Pappas. To call her a renaissance woman, would be an understatement! Here, she gives us the skinny on eating her fears for breakfast, motivation and music! Zevia: Your videos are really fun to watch, and feel very doable, what lit the fire…

Zevia Journeys Chris Bell cow

Zevia Journeys: Chris Bell

Chris Bell is not only the director of the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster*, as well as a huge fan of Zevia. The documentary, that premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, discusses the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs. We got to chat with Chris recently: Zevia: Chris, you are a bit of a…

Zevia Journeys: Josh Rimer

Zevia Journeys: Josh Rimer

Recently, we got the chance to catch up with our friend Josh Rimer! Josh produces and hosts a show called “The Sassy Scoop” that is uploaded to his YouTube channel and aired on OUTtv in Canada and he happens to be a fan of our smarter soda… Zevia: You’re kind of a big deal on…

Zevia Journeys Maddie Joyce

Zevia Journeys with Maddie Joyce

If you’re Maddie Joyce, you call a sail boat home and bide your time letting the creative juices flow! From kitchen to design, photography to sailing and everything in between, Maddie is taking this adventure of a life by the horns! Zevia: So, you live on a boat most of the time. That’s a fairly…

Jake Ducey Van's Warped Tour Zevia Journeys

Zevia Journeys: Jake Ducey and the Vans Warped Tour

Jake Ducey is one of those people that glows from the inside out. The type of person other people gravitate to.  Which is a good thing, seeing as he’s touring North America, spreading his message of positivity and empowerment with a wide array of millennial students and recent graduates.  Better still?  He’s riding a tour…


Zevia Journeys with Professor Christopher Neck

We first met University Professor, Christopher Neck, a couple years back when he emailed tell us how much he loves Zevia.  Let’s just put it this way, we’ve been pals ever since! Athlete, educator, father, life enthusiast; Chris’ gusto for life is palpable from the first moment you meet him! Zevia: You’re a professor at…

Zevia Journeys Gypsy Givers

Zevia Journeys with the Gypsy Givers, Part II

Since we last introduced you to the Gypsy Givers, they’ve done an interesting zig-zag across the US.  Their journey of philanthropy and adventure took them from New York to California, before landing them in Louisiana for a bit of a musical interlude at the world famous New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and on down…

Zevia Journeys with the Gypsy Givers

Zevia Journeys with the Gypsy Givers – Part I

Every once in a while you come across someone who gives you cause to take assessment of your life and ask if you’re really doing what you should be. The Gypsy Givers are two such people.  One of our Marketing team members had the pleasure of hosting these incredible women on their journey across North…

Zevia Journeys: Chad George, MMA Fighter

Zevia Journeys: Chad George Part II

Perhaps a little known fact about Zevia is that MMA fighting is pretty popular amongst our team members!  It’s not that we’re brawling in the parking lot after work, but some of us do enjoy it as a workout or simply as a spectator sport.  We have some friends involved in it professionally so we…