Spring Lavender Dark and Stormy

naturally sweetened Spring Lavender Dark and Stormy

We love a nice cool Dark and Stormy in the summertime. No, we’re not talking about the weather – we’re talking about the cocktail. Naturally, we’re using Zevia Ginger Ale as our base. The key to a good Dark and Stormy is the perfect ratio between the ginger and rum flavor combinations. We figured that out, and then added a touch of lime and lavender because who doesn’t love floral cocktails?


  • 2 oz spiced rum
  • 5 oz Zevia Ginger Ale
  • juice from half of a lime
  • dashes of lavender water
  • handful of ice


  1. Fill a glass 3/4 full with ice
  2. Add in the rum, Zevia Ginger Ale, lime juice, and a few dashes of lavender water
  3. Add a slice of lime for garnish and enjoy

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