Dr. Zevia Pecan Hedgehog Cookies

Fall is finally here and you could say we’re pretty thrilled. All of the colors and flavors that come with fall are cute and delicious, and this recipe is no exception. Coincidentally, National Pecan Cookie Day happens to land right as summer ends and fall begins, which is what inspired these Flourless Dr. Zevia Pecan Cookies. As…

Zevia - stevia as a sugar alternative

5 Simple Swaps for a Sugar Free Family Friendly Movie Night

Movie nights aren’t complete without a bevy of snacks and drinks. Nowadays, there’s sugar hiding in everything we buy. In fact, 74% of packaged foods in grocery stores contain added sugar. While no parent wants their little ones bouncing off the walls at bedtime, the impact of sugar goes beyond that. Eating sugar before bed causes a spike…

Zevia's naturally sweetened popsicles

Chocolate Covered Black Cherry Creamsicles

These Chocolate Covered Black Cherry Creamsicles made with Zevia Black Cherry Soda soda are so good that National Cherry Popsicle Day might have been created just because of them. Besides being a delicious, guilt-free dessert, cherries themselves have a number of health benefits too! Cherries naturally contain melatonin which can help people sleep better. That makes these frozen…

Zevia's naturally sweetened brownies

Flourless Zevia Root Beer Float Brownies

Root beer floats are an essential warm weather treat. Whenever we’re feeling adventurous, we like to think outside the box and mix things up a bit. Instead of an old fashioned root beer float, we’re making that classic dessert into a baked good: Zevia Root Beer Float Brownies made with Zevia Ginger Root Beer. Since we…

Zevia Orange Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water Popsicles

Orange Raspberry Lime Popsicles

This summer heat has been scorching. When the weather is at it’s hottest, it’s natural to crave a nice, cold dessert. Popsicles are a personal favorite because of how simple they are to make with a mere 5 ingredients. Throw together some fruit, stevia, and Zevia Mandarin Orange Sparkling Water, and you’ve got these amazing, all-natural desserts…

Zevia's naturally sweetened cocktail recipe

Blackberry Bourbon Zevia Cooler

When you’re whipping up healthier drinks, sometimes it seems like your options are limited. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Cocktail flavor combinations are truly endless. We combined the smokey flavor of bourbon with some mint, ginger, and the fruitiness from some blackberries. The result is an incredibly simple, yet tasty Blackberry Bourbon Zevia Cooler…

Zevia's naturally sweetened donut recipe

Dr. Zevia Chocolate Donuts

Coffee and donuts are a classic breakfast with good reason. There are a million different varieties of donuts and everyone could use the caffeine to get their day going. Instead, you could upgrade your donut to a better-for-you version made with Dr. Zevia. Since we’re using Dr. Zevia, one of our flavors with caffeine, you’ll be able to…

Zevia Stress Tamer Smoothie

Zevia Stress Tamer Smoothie

In a world that’s constantly moving, we all need a break from time to time. No, we’re not talking about a cocktail. We’re talking about our Zevia Stress Tamer Smoothie made with Zevia Ginger Ale. From potassium to regulate blood pressure to magnesium to help regulate cortisol levels, this drink is loaded with vitamins to help both your…

Zevia's naturally sweetened PB&J

Zevia Almond Butter and Grape Beary Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s hard to imagine a proper summer without some frozen treats. If you ask us, ice cream sandwiches are essential summer desserts. We decided to combine ice cream sandwiches with another classic sandwich: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes, seriously. We swapped the peanut butter with almond butter and used some fresh blueberries and Zevia Grape…

Zevia's stevia-sweetened Mandarin Melon Party Punch

Mandarin Melon Party Punch

With Zevia, throwing a party has never been easier. You get to skip the added sugar and unnecessary calories, but still get a delicious, refreshing drink. What’s not to love? This time, we’re mixing two of our favorite things: Zevia Mandarin Orange Sparkling Water and Rosé. Add that to some fresh fruit and you’ve got…

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