The Dirty Vegan

Catherine Gill of the deliciously fun blog, The Dirty Vegan, is one of the newest additions to the Zevia Certified Smart Person squad.  She’s got a serious sweet tooth, lightening quick wit, and major skills in the kitchen.  We met her on twitter and practically begged her to be our pal.  See why…

Q. You’re a vegan.  And you’re dirty?  We have to know the story behind this!

A. I get asked about this a lot. Some people think the answer is going to be a lot crazier than it is. Basically, I’m vegan first and foremost due to my love and respect for animals. So, I’m not really a completely “clean eater”, or that’s not really my focus. I’m a junk food vegan, but most vegans aren’t thought of as being junky. So I’m a Dirty Vegan. I do like to try and use the healthiest foods possible while making dishes that are junk-food inspired, gourmet, and rich. Also, I have a knack for making dirty food-related jokes sometimes. I guess that’s my thing.

Q. How do you combat veg naysayers?

A. I’ve been Vegan for over 10 years and a vegetarian throughout my life before that, so I’ve had my fair share of naysayers. At first it would bug me, but not anymore. Veganism is a wonderful thing for the wellness of animals, the environment, and human health, so I let that speak for itself. I also love to lead by example. When others see someone living a fulfilling and happy life, they tend to gravitate toward that lifestyle. When all else fails, I let the facts speak for themselves. It’s just a healthier way; it’s hard for people to dispute that.

Q. You’re pretty awesome on twitter.  What’s your favorite thing about mixing social media with your love of food?

A. Thanks, I love Twitter and it’s definitely a favorite of mine! I love being able to share pictures, recipes, and new products with my readers. Twitter is a great place to share what I’m doing, what I’m making, and what’s new in veg-friendly food quickly.

Q. Tell us something sweet about you and Zevia?

A. I am absolutely addicted to Zevia! The flavors are amazing and the taste is phenomenal. You get the same result that you would with diet soda but without all of the chemicals, and the taste is way better, which I love. I actually use Zevia for ways other than drinking; Zevia is great in recipes too! I find Zevia to be that refreshing drink you can count on when you are tired of drinking water but don’t want added calories. I’m in love with this stuff!

Make the jump to her profile to read her delicious, Zevia Cola-infused tofu recipe and so much more!

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  1. April 9, 2014 @ 3:40 pm Cindy Jacobs

    love her stories…. She sounds like an owesome lady !!! I have zenia soft drinks coming my way today and can’t waite to try them..


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