3 Guilt-Free Zevia Game Day Cocktails

3 Guilt-Free Zevia Game Day Cocktails

The big game is finally here! With all of the snacks around during the game, it's nearly impossible to avoid indulging at least a little bit. Like most days, you're better off eating your calories as opposed to drinking them. No game day party is complete without cocktails though right? Swapping out your run-of-the-mill cocktails for these no sugar added, better for you drinks made Zevia gives you the best of both worlds.

Rosé Bowl

  • 3 oz Zevia Strawberry soda
  • 3 oz rosé
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • handful of diced strawberries (optional, for garnish)
  • twist of lemon (optional, for garnish)
  1. Combine Zevia Strawberry soda, rosé, and lemon juice in a glass over ice. Stir to combine.
  2. Top with strawberries and twist of lemon for garnish. Enjoy!

Italian Mule

  • handful chopped basil
  • 3 oz Zevia Ginger Beer
  • 3 oz prosecco
  • squeeze of fresh orange juice
  • orange slice (optional, for garnish)
  • mint leaf (optional, for garnish)
  1. In a copper mug, add in the basil leaves, Zevia Ginger Beer, Prosecco, squeeze of orange juice, and ice. Stir to combine.
  2. Top off with an orange slice and a mint leave for garnish. Enjoy!

Field Goal

  1. Combine Zevia Cucumber Lemon Sparkling Water, white wine, and elderflower liqueur over ice. Stir to combine.
  2. Garnish with cucumber and lemon slices if desired. Enjoy!

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