4 Fun Halloween Traditions to Try

4 Fun Halloween Traditions to Try

Halloween is truly a magical and special time of the year. The mornings fill with crisp air, and frost begins to blanket the earth. Cozy pajamas become an outfit staple, as do nights spent sitting by the fire. October always brings a wave of nostalgia as people reminisce about Halloween festivities and fall fun.

To help you create these special moments, we have compiled a list of 4 Fun Halloween traditions to try. Whether you already have some traditions or are looking for new ones, this list will help you come up with ways to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Now let’s get started!

Halloween Arts & Crafts

There is no age limit for a good craft night, crafts aren’t just for kids, and we stand by that statement. Pick up supplies, put away your electronics, grab a can of your favorite flavor Zevia and make something special with your kids or friends!

Looking for some craft ideas? Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Ghost Garland: Cut out ghosts on craft paper and hang them across a piece of string.
  • Ghost Hand Prints: Trace your hand, flip it upside down, and color in details to create a ghost.
  • Paint Mini Pumpkins: Paint unique designs or faces on pumpkins.
  • Toilet Paper Tube Bats: Use old toilet paper tubes (they will be the body) and insert paper wings to create a bat.

Go on a Pumpkin/ Decorations Walk

No, not a walk while holding pumpkins. Although, that does sound like a good workout. 

As Halloween nears, neighborhoods fill with magical lights, spooky decorations, and the warm glow of Jack-O-Lanterns spill out into the street. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy it, though! Bundle up, grab a warm drink and take an evening stroll around the neighborhood. You can even make a game out of it by finding the house with the best decorations, finding the spookiest home, or telling scary stories as you go.

Make Some Spooky Snacks & Drinks

Fall snacks and drinks are superior, pumpkin spice, cran-raspberry, and all the caramel apple goodies you can’t go wrong. There are so many unique and creative Halloween recipes nowadays, but we made a list of our favorites that we know you’ll love.

Here are a few of our Halloween favorites:

Halloween Photoshoot (But make it FUN!)

No one has looked back on their life and said, “I wish I had fewer photos.” When you take a picture, you preserve that memory forever. You can create and capture everlasting memories this year by doing a Halloween Photoshoot!

Regardless of when you do it, there is one key ingredient you will need: FUN! You can host a costume fashion show, tell them to race through leaf piles, or turn it into a scavenger hunt. Once the photoshoot is complete, print out the photos and create an album or scrapbook that you can look through every Halloween!

“Boo” Your Neighbors!

“Booing” is a great way to spread Halloween cheer throughout your whole neighborhood.

To start, fill 1-2 bags or baskets with some Halloween goodies. Then the real fun begins! Take the bags and leave them on the doorstep of one of your neighbors. Ring the doorbell, then quickly run away, so the neighbors don’t see who it is. Don’t forget to leave a note explaining the directions (these are things you can find online and print out).

The neighbor who got “booed” will hang the ghost in their window so people know not to boo them again. As time passes, more and more ghosts will hang in the windows of your neighborhood, getting everyone involved in the Halloween spirit!

Happy Halloween!

We hope you enjoy trying out these traditions and finding new ways to make Halloween fun and memorable. And remember, it is not the activities themselves that matter; what truly matters is that you get to spend time with your loved ones while also creating unforgettable memories.

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