National Repeal of Prohibition Day

National Repeal of Prohibition Day

Many of us enjoy a nice, refreshing cocktail every once in a while. With Zevia Mixers, you can enjoy a nice crisp adult beverage without any of the sugar. While every day has happy hour in our book, National Repeal of Prohibition Day is an extra special occasion for us to pour one up. In the spirit of this day, we're sharing 4 of our favorite sugar-free cocktails.

1. A Cranberry & Rosemary Gin & Tonic with Infused Ice Cubes is an easy and delicious way to spice up your run of the mill gin and tonic.

2. This Tropical Cooler is the cocktail that our balmy, beach dreams are made of.

3. Our Asymmetrical Bliss is a citrusy, floral delight that will have you begging for another.

4. We're counting this Carrot Ginger Mule as a full serving of vegetables. That's how it works right?

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