National Repeal of Prohibition Day Celebration

National Repeal of Prohibition Day Celebration

After a long day, sometimes a cocktail is the perfect way to unwind. Diet soda as a mixer isn't great considering all of the extra junk and chemicals. Since we're not fans of all of the extra calories and sugar that comes from regular drink mixers, we decided to make some of our own. In honor of National Repeal of Prohibition Day, we're debuting some of our favorite recipes from The Weekend Mixologist featuring our new sugar free Zevia Mixers.

1. This sugar free Singapore Sling made with our new Zevia Lemon Lime with Bitters Mixer kicks the grenadine and added sugar without sacrificing any taste!

2. Our Dark and Stormy keeps things classic, but opts for our new Zevia Ginger Beer Mixer to keep things light!


3. Traditional tonic water has just as much sugar as soda and diet tonic has the same chemicals diet soda does. Who needs it when you could make this easy and refreshing Cucumber Gin and Tonic with our new sugar-free Zevia Tonic Water!


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