Stevia Is Here To Stay

Stevia Is Here To Stay

According to the CDC, about half of adults in the US consume at least one sugar-sweetened beverage a day. That means roughly 6-7% of adults' caloric intakes come from sugar-sweetened beverages alone. With an increasing emphasis being placed on health, companies have been trying to replace sugar with various artificial sweeteners for years. Unfortunately, each come with their own host of health problems.

For what feels like ages, stevia has been long overlooked as the best sugar alternative that comes along with none of the negative health effects.  However, it seems as of late that consumers are starting to catch on. Not only are more and more companies incorporating stevia into their products, celebrities and media personalities are spreading the wealth of knowledge too. Even Joe Rogan is a fan, frequently shows some Zevia love on his top rated podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

But why are people starting to fall more in love with stevia? Stevia is a merely a plant that comes from the sunflower family. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar, but contains 0 calories. Unlike other man-made artificial sweeteners, stevia is all natural and isn't linked to cancer or other health issues like chemical sweeteners. Stevia usage goes beyond those who are just trying to watch their weight though. Stevia is a popular alternative for diabetics and those with kidney issues too.

Every passing day, it seems as though the infatuation with stevia is no longer an unorthodox alternative. The food and beverage industry is constantly keeping tabs on and adapting to consumer demands, and stevia is no exception. At this point, it's clear now that this isn't merely a fad - it's here to stay.


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We are not medical doctors and cannot give medical advice. As always, we suggest consulting your doctor if you have any questions regarding your stevia consumption and any affects it may have on any pre-existing conditions.

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