World Party Day

World Party Day

What's a party without some nice, refreshing beverages? World Party Day is upon us and we're in the festive mood. To celebrate, we're sharing a few of our favorite cocktails and mocktails as some inspiration for todays festivities. As always, we keep things all natural and free of any added sugar. 

Our better-for-you classic Soco and Cola with Lime Ice is the refreshing nightcap you need with Zevia Caffeine-Free Cola and a fresh lime kick.


This no sugar added  Strawberry Ginger Punch  made with Zevia Ginger Beer is the easiest homemade float that the whole family can enjoy.


This modern twist will turn your Zevia Grape soda into a perfectly tart Grape Citrus Gin Cooler to enjoy all year round.

Upgrade your old fashioned to a new-school Zevia Pomegranate Citrus Old Fashioned with this cocktail made with Zevia Lemon Lime with Bitters Mixer.

We're feeling a little fancy in our celebrations and whipping up these Zevia Strawberry Ice Cubes for a champagne cocktail with a Zevia Strawberry soda twist.

This Zevia Long Logger made with Zevia Ginger Beer is the perfect winter cocktail with no sugar added!

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