Lemon Orange Granita

Lemon Orange Granita

Snow cones are a delicious and easy to make dessert, but they're loaded with sugar. Instead, we're swapping out the sugary syrup for this sugar-free granita made from nothing but fresh fruit juice, Zevia Orange soda, and Lemon Lime Twist from Salt and Lavender. 



  1. Squeeze the juice from the oranges into a freezer-safe container and remove any seeds or chunks or orange. 
  2. In another freezer-safe container, squeeze the juice from the lemon and limes. Remove any seeds and chunks. 
  3. Pour the Zevia Orange soda into the container with the orange juice and gently stir. 
  4. Pour the Zevia Lemon Lime Twist into the container with the lemon and lime juice and gently stir. 
  5. Place the containers in the freezer for an hour. 
  6. Remove the containers and scrape the partially frozen mixtures with a fork, creating small shards of ice (like shaved ice). Return containers to the freezer. 
  7. Repeat the scraping every 30 minutes for the next 2-3 hours. Serve in glasses, mason jars, or bowls, mixed together or separately. Enjoy!

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