Black Cherry Spritz Mocktail
Take your mocktail game to the next level with Black Cherry Zevia!  This Black Cherry Spritz Mocktail combines the flavorful, better-for-you Zevia Black Cherry Soda with fresh lime juice, tonic, and tart cherry juice for a deliciously refreshing recipe. This mocktail...
Black Cherry Hibiscus Mojito
This refreshing Black Cherry Hibiscus Mojito is easy to mix and even easier to drink! This pretty rum based cocktail is made with a mixture of Black Cherry Zevia, hibiscus tea, and is great for all occasions.  Yield: 1 mojitoPrep Time: 4 MinutesCook...
Zevia Cherry Up
Good cocktails don't have to be complicated. Keep it simple and sugar free with this tart and sweet gin cocktail made with Black Cherry Zevia Soda.
Zevia Black Cherry Vanilla Cobbler
This gluten-free dessert by Luxe and the Lady - with zero added sugar and made with Zevia Black Cherry Soda - will definitely turn heads!
Sparkling Sugar Free Black Cherry Lemonade
Swapping out sugary sodas is never easy. Even with substitutes like juice, there's lots of added sugar and unnecessary ingredients. This mocktail made with nothing but real fruit, stevia, and Zevia Black Cherry, you can quench your thirst the healthier...
Guilt-Free Black Cherry Float
When was the last time you had a black cherry float? Trust us, they're amazing. Created by the brilliant Monika Hibbs.
Sorcerer's Sangria
Pour up something spooky for your Halloween festivities. With no added sugar, thanks to stevia-sweetened Zevia Black Cherry soda, this mocktail will turn your party up the right way without any of the junk from regular old punch recipes!
Black Cherry Fling
Keep things crisp, refreshing, and sugar-free with a clean pisco curacao cocktail from our friend The Weekend Mixologist. Feel good about what you're drinking when it's made with Zevia Black Cherry soda for a healthy happy hour drink.
Black Cherry Popsicles
Traditional popsicles are tasty, but the ingredient lists are a mile long. With only 3 ingredients, these Black Cherry Popsicles from Foodness Gracious will make your dessert decisions simpler and healthier than ever.
Zevia Smoothie Bowl
Lots of people turn to smoothies to start eating clean again. That doesn't work when most store-bought smoothies are loaded with added sugar. Who needs it when fruit is already sweet enough? We mixed up our own smoothie bowl from...
Chocolate Covered Black Cherry Creamsicles
These frozen no-sugar-added treats are perfect for anytime of the day – mid-afternoon or right before bed!
Grain-Free Dark Chocolate Black Cherry Zevia Donuts
Enjoy a dark chocolate donut made with Black Cherry Zevia completely guilt-free, made possible by Rachl Mansfield!
Cherry Coconut Floats
A little bubbly and creamy treat is a perfect dessert or just a snack when the weather warms up. With this concoction from Heart of a Baker, you'll get your sweet fix with no added sugar or unnecessary ingredients.
4-Ingredient Berry Spritzer
When the weather heats up, we've got just the thing to cool you down. Bring the temperature down with this super simple, all natural smoothie!
Black Cherry Mojitos
Nothing says warm weather like a Black Cherry Mojito! Mix up this fruity, sugar-free version of a classic! 
Box of Chocolates Cocktail
Valentine’s day might be over but it’s never too late to do something sweet for your partner. Created by the one and only Random Acts of Pastel.
Cherry Chocolate Scones
Scones are a perfect on-the-go breakfast or simple, delicious dessert. However you choose to enjoy them, we can probably all agree that they would be even better if we could keep the taste, but were sugar-free. Thanks to The Wooden Skillet,...
Black Cherry Chocolate Truffles
We all deserve a good old fashioned homemade dessert every once in a while. What we could do without is the sugar. This cleaner black cherry chocolate truffle recipe made with Zevia Black Cherry soda from My Diary of Us...