Spiced Malbec Kalimotxo
When the weather warms up, we like to get our drink on. Similar to a sangria, our no sugar added Spiced Malbec Kalimotxo from My Diary of Us is the perfect mid-afternoon cocktail to help you soak up the sun!
Cola Dark Chocolate Vegan Brownies
Chocolate brownies that are both sugar-free and vegan seem like a pipe dream right? Not anymore! With the help of Heart of a Baker, we've done the impossible. This dark chocolate brownie recipe made with Zevia Caffeine Free Cola will...
Vegan Caffeine-Free Cola Chocolate Truffles
Whip up a sugar free chocolatey treat from Heart of a Baker with no added sugar. With just 3 ingredients, this easy, but extremely tasty vegan dessert will have you coming back for seconds!
SoCo and Cola with Lime Ice
Classics are classics for a reason. SoCo and cola is a favorite for a reason. Instead of using regular diet soda, we used Zevia Caffeine-Free Cola and added a little zesty lime juice to kick it up a notch from...