Cherry Coconut Floats
A little bubbly and creamy treat is a perfect dessert or just a snack when the weather warms up. With this concoction from Heart of a Baker, you'll get your sweet fix with no added sugar or unnecessary ingredients.
Cream Soda Float Pops
We're doing our best to stay cool and that calls for a float. Instead of a traditional Zevia float, we're condensing it all into convenient Cream Soda Float Pops with the help of our friend My Diary of Us. Your...
Zevia Cherry Cola Pie
Cherry pie is as classic of a dessert as you can get. While we love us this old fashioned fruity dessert, we could definitely do without the sugar - so we did! Thanks to Luxe and the Lady, we're whipping...
Cranberry Ginger Beer Cake
Keep your dessert light and sugar-free with this Cranberry Ginger Beer Cake from Heart of a Baker.
Zevia Chocolate Cola Bundt Cake with Raspberries
What's better than a decadently sweet - no sugar added - chocolate dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth?!
Zevia Ginger Ale Pumpkin Mug Cake
Whip up this no sugar, no mess mug cake made with Zevia Ginger Ale!
Zevia Grapefruit Rosemary Bundt Cake
What's better than a perfectly airy, sour, and sweet bundt cake with none of the sugar? Recipe courtesy of My Diary of Us!
Pina Colada Yogurt Fruit Pops
If you've never had a no sugar added pina colada popsicle, today is your lucky day!
Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Bread
This vegan dessert with no added sugar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without helping you pack on the pounds thanks to Heart of a Baker! 
Grapefruit Poppy Seed Energy Loaf Cake
Grab a slice that doubles as your afternoon pick up, as well as something to hold you down until dinner.
Lemon Lime Twist Semifreddo
Next time you’re craving an ice cream without the brain-freeze, whip up this unique and sugar-free solution!
Cherry Chocolate Scones
Scones are a perfect on-the-go breakfast or simple, delicious dessert. However you choose to enjoy them, we can probably all agree that they would be even better if we could keep the taste, but were sugar-free. Thanks to The Wooden Skillet,...
Zevia Strawberry Vanilla Valentine's Day Donuts
Bake these for your sweetie or hog them all to yourself. Recipe creation by the always amazing Luxe and the Lady!
Baked Zevia Cola Donuts
Skip the deep fryer, sugar, and white flour and opt for this better-for-you classic brilliantly made by Southern Coffee Lover!
Vanilla Blueberry Pie
Sugar-free pie to celebrate Pi Day? What could be better? Thanks to Luxe and the Lady, this Vanilla Blueberry Pie made with Zevia Cream Soda is bursting with flavor without any of the guilt or junk that comes with store-bought...
Orange Meringue Kisses
We all love candy, but we'd prefer to avoid all that sugar. Instead, we're whipping up these sugar-free orange meringue kisses from Raising Howells. At just 68 calories for the entire batch, you're totally in the clear to eat the...
Strawberry Cheesecake Bars
Swap out that sugar filled cheesecake for a naturally sweetened upgrade!
Dark and Stormy Ginger Cookies
Turn your dark and stormy cocktail/ mocktail into a delicious no added sugar dessert thanks to the help of A Sweet Pea Chef!
Dr. Zevia Pecan Hedgehog Cookies
All of the colors and flavors that come with fall are cute and delicious, and this Dr. Zevia Pecan Hedgehog Cookie recipe is no exception!
Citrus Pecan Cookie Bars
Dessert is awesome, but sugar-free dessert is even better. With Zevia Orange soda, you can enjoy some delicious, but healthy Citrus Pecan Cookie Bars from our friend My Diary of Us.
Ginger Spiced Breakfast Cookies
Upgrade your on-the-go snacks from Balance with B with these easy and quick snack bites!