Optimal Post Workout Smoothie
Fill your body with everything it needs to recover from a workout!
Zevia Kale Mojito
Get your vegetables the easy way with this better-for-you Kale Mojito from our friend at The Pure Life !
Earl Grey Blood Orange Mimosa
Step your brunch game up with a simple, cleaner mimosa. With Zevia Organic Earl Grey Tea Blood Orange, this prosecco cocktail from All Purpose Flour Child is a perfect healthy solution.
Blood Orange Smoothie
Combine the refreshing pick-me-up of Zevia Organic Earl Grey Tea Blood Orange with fresh fruit and yogurt for a better-for-you smoothie. Whether it's a clean breakfast or a post workout smoothie, we've got you covered with this delicious treat courtesy...
Zevia French 75
Whether it's a celebration or just time to unwind, we've got you covered with a simple and fresh cocktail. Pour up a French 75 made with Zevia Lemon Lime Twist and no added sugar for a clean treat from My...
Zevia Strawberry Daiquiri
Did you know 4 oz strawberry daiquiri mix has more sugar than a whole can of traditional soda? We used to think a clean strawberry daiquiri with no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar was a pipe dream, but not...
Sparkling Basil Cucumber Lemon Mocktail
No spa, no problem. Enjoy a refreshing treat in the comfort of your own home with this Sparkling Basil Cucumber Lemon mocktail. A little basil with some real fruit goes a long way with this tasty, bubbly drink from our...
Zevia Cream Soda Piña Colada
Piña colada's are delicious, but loaded with sugar. But what if we told you could indulge in one with no added sugar? Thanks to My Diary of Us, we can do just that with this Zevia Cream Soda cocktail.
Peaches and Cream Dr. Zevia Cocktail
Spice up your life with some rum and Dr. Zevia. We're putting a new-age, adult take on the classic peaches and cream with this no sugar added cocktail from our friend My Diary of Us. Imbibe and enjoy a delicious,...
Zevia Hibiscus Passionfruit Margarita
Tequila Tuesday and Tea Tuesday meet for a glorious and better-for-you happy hour. Keep your drinks free any added sugar with this quick and easy hibiscus passionfruit margarita thanks to our friend My Diary of Us.