St. Patrick's Day Energy Mocktail
We are giving you the green light to dial up your routine with this Zevia Energy  mocktail filled with refreshing notes of cucumber, basil, and lime. This mocktail drink requires only five ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep time, making...
Soba Noodle Salad with Zevia Mango Ginger Energy Dressing
With the help of Rachl Mansfield, skip the sugar-filled salad dressings and whip up this quick and easy alternative!
Vegan Grapefruit Orange Cake
Perk up with a "better for you" sweet treat. With Zevia Grapefruit Energy, this vegan grapefruit orange cake will give you the boost you need with none of the junk and zero sugar, thanks to the help of Heart of...
Zevia Very Berry Energy Bowl
We love smoothie bowls, but do you ever wish it had a little more of a kick? Look no further. Our very berry energy breakfast bowl made with Zevia Raspberry Lime Energy is the perfect way to get your breakfast...
Zevia Kola Energy Breakfast Shake
Get your day started with a sugar-free smoothie! Skip the store bought versions that are loaded with juices and extra sugars and make your own with a little extra kick from our Zevia Kola energy drink!
Zevia Mango Ginger Coconut Energy Float
Feeling sluggish? This energy float will give you life!
8 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Keep dessert simple with only 8 simple ingredients!
Flourless Zevia Grapefruit Energy Bread
Skip the flour and sugar and add a punch of caffeine with this awesome bread recipe!
Blood Orange Mint Spritzer
When the weather warms up, we like to mix things up with refreshing mocktails to keep things fresh. Thanks to The Wooden Skillet, we've got ourselves a crisp, clean beverage with no sugar or nasty ingredients.
Fizzy Mango Ginger Energy Lassi
Skip the sugar-filled, store-bought smoothies and whip up your own!
Grapefruit Poppy Seed Energy Loaf Cake
Grab a slice that doubles as your afternoon pick up, as well as something to hold you down until dinner.
Raspberry Lime Energy Mocktail
We're zesting up our morning routine by taking our Raspberry Lime Energy to another level with no sugar added and some extra fresh fruit for a fun and easy mocktail from our friend My Diary of Us.