Apple Blueberry Pie on a Stick
Pies are an amazing dessert, but they're not exactly the most portable - until now. For National Something on a Stick Day, we're whipping up these no-sugar-added apple blueberry pies from Modest Marce. Naturally sweetened with just fruit, stevia, and...
Zevia Keto Ginger Ale Cupcakes
With only 3g net carbs per cupcake, all of our keto and low carb friends can have their (cup)cake and eat it too!
Zevia Ginger Ale Gingerbread Owl Cookies
Whip up the perfect no sugar added gingerbread cookies for your holiday celebrations!
Pear Bourbon Cooler
Given how few pear cocktails are around, we decided we needed to take matters into our own hands. By combining the spice from bourbon and Zevia Ginger Ale with the sweetness and citrus from pear juice, we may have concocted the...
Spiced Citrus Ginger Mocktail
A little spice and citrus makes for a heavenly mocktail. With no added sugar, this tasty concoction made with Zevia Ginger Ale from All Purpose Flour Child is all we're craving right now.
Sparkling Ginger Ale Apple Punch
Get your holiday party started the right way with a sugar-free punch from Paleo Gluten Free Eats!
Blackberry Lemon Spritzer
Sometimes, we want to relax after a long day and enjoy something simple and easy to make. Created by the brilliant Heart of a Baker .
Blackberry Bourbon Zevia Cooler
We combined the smokey flavor of bourbon with some mint, ginger, and the fruitiness from some blackberries for an incredibly simply, yet tasty cocktail!
Sparkling Ginger Margarita
Upgrade your margarita with our sparkling, ginger concoction! 
Zevia Ginger Ale Spice Cake
By swapping out that sugar for stevia and Zevia Ginger Ale, you’re reducing the cake by a whopping 1160 calories!
Ginger Ale Infused Mixed Berry Cobbler
Mixed berry cobbler is a holiday dessert staple, and with good reason. While it's super delicious, it can be a ton of work to make from scratch. As always, we're here to make This recipe is as simple as can be with...
White Wine Ginger Sangria
Who says sangria can only be a summer cocktail? Change things up with a Pinot Grigio white wine ginger sangria made with stevia-sweetened ginger ale for a healthy happy hour cocktail from our friend Wit and Vinegar. Bottoms up!
Ginger Peach Sorbet
Sorbet is a great alternative to ice cream if you're looking to keep things light and fresh. Instead of hoping our dessert doesn't have a bunch of junk, we're making sure with our sugar-free homemade sorbet thanks to the help...
Ginger Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin flavor can be a little cliche, but it's universally loved for a reason. Start your morning off with a delicious and sugar-free breakfast made with Zevia Ginger Ale thanks to our friend All Purpose Flour Child.
Zevia Oatmeal Ginger Energy Bites
When you're on the go, a full breakfast isn't always possible. Instead, kick your day off with a portable and sugar free breakfast from Real Food with Gratitude. These energy bites made with Zevia Ginger Ale will help keep you...
Blood Orange Bourbon Punch
Your party punch just got upgraded. Instead of your typical sugary mixture, we've got a sugar-free cocktail made with Zevia Ginger Ale from Holly and Flora that will get the party started with none of the junk you're used to....
Apple Rum Punch
We don't love fall just for the colors. We love the delicious flavors that come with it too. Everyone is obsessed with pumpkin spice drinks, while forgetting about one of our favorites: apple spiced cocktails. Don't worry though. We're bringing...
Zevia Stress Tamer Smoothie
Blend up this smoothie that's loaded with vitamins to improve the state of your mind and your body!
Ginger Green Tea Mocktail
Refreshing doesn't always have to mean complicated! Recipe created by melodrama
Fruit Infused Zevia Ginger Ale Punch
Keep it fresh, natural, and sugar-free with nothing but fresh fruit, mint, and Zevia Ginger Ale! This delicious recipe was created by Coffee and Crayons.
Apple, Cranberry and Ginger Cocktail
Skip the sugar-filled cocktails this holiday season, and opt for one that's just as festive, but much easier on the waistline! Courtesy of Modest Marce.