Healthy Happy Sweet Tart
Healthy Happy Ekky is everything she claims to be, AND a cocktail wiz! Head to her blog for more, we dare you not to smile!
Rosemary Grape Fizz
Grape soda makes us think of our childhood. Since we're older now, we're turning that classic into an adult beverage with a bit of gin and rosemary thanks to our friend Modest Marce. Bottoms up!
Zevia Grape Soda Cupcakes
Whip up this unique cupcake flavor combination and be prepared to be amazed! Makes 36 cupcakes. Approximately 170 calories per cupcake.
Zevia Almond Butter and Grape "Beary" Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches
We combined ice cream sandwiches with another classic sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to make a new essential summer dessert!
Merlot Grape Popsicle
We're throwing it back with an ode to a favorite childhood treat, with a grown up twist from our friend Salt and Lavender. This no-sugar-added grape popsicle made with Zevia Grape soda and Merlot is beautiful, boozy, and sure to be...
Grape Citrus Gin Cooler
Yuzu, the Asian citrus fruit, is booming in popularity right now, and we're all for it. This cocktail from Tipsy Muse utilizes the sweetness from Zevia Grape soda to balance out the tartness from the yuzu with a bit of bite...
Grape Shake with Coconut Whipped Cream
Whip up a frothy and delicious dessert for a no-sugar-added treat. Sweetened with just fruit, stevia, and Zevia Grape Soda, this guilt-free grape shake from My Diary Of Us will have you coming back for seconds.