Zevia Raw Matcha Citrus Cheesecake
Skip the artificial coloring and dyes and opt for a naturally green dessert created by Luxe and the Lady!
St. Patrick's Day Spinach Pancakes
While these Spinach Pancakes from My Diary of Us are perfect for St. Patrick's Day, they're fun and colorful enough for any occasion. With no added sugar and just natural color from spinach, this breakfast is the best way to...
Citrus Cranberry Punch
Lighten your load for your next holiday, gathering, or event with this no sugar added Citrus Cranberry Punch made with vodka and Mountain Zevia from our friend My Diary of Us.
Mountain Zevia Donuts
Kick your day of with a sugar free doughnut with a little caffeine from stevia sweetened Mountain Zevia soda for a clean and healthy breakfast (or snack) from our friend Foodness Gracious. 
Mountain Margarita
Margaritas are classics for a reason. Our only complaint is that margarita mix contains more sugar than soda. Yuck. Skip it and make your own with this healthier recipe from Salt and Lavender.