Cola Batanga
Simple yet delicious, this no sugar added cocktail made with just 3 ingredients - Zevia Cola, lime, and tequila - this Batanga is nothing short of delightful thanks to the help of our friend My Diary of Us.
Irish Cream Mint Cocktail
A creamy stout topped with a Zevia Cream Soda makes for a mighty fine minty treat if you ask us. This dessert-cocktail from My Diary of Us is our new way to satisfy our sweet tooth at happy hour.
Zevia Grapefruit Citrus Paloma
Palomas are a perfect intersection of simple and delicious. Most recipes call for added sugar or simple syrup, but not this one. With the help of My Diary of Us, we've used Zevia Grapefruit Citrus soda for a cleaner upgrade....
Boozy Banana Ice Cream Ginger Root Beer Float
This boozy, adult version of a DIY ice cream soda float from our friend My Diary of Us, made with frozen bananas and Zevia Ginger Beer is both a happy hour vodka cocktail and a easy and tasty dessert all in...
Sparkling Blackberry Mojito
Did you know a typical mojito has more sugar than a regular rum and cola? We're upgrading our favorite refreshing cocktail by swapping in Zevia Blackberry Sparkling Water thanks to the help of our friend My Diary of Us. 
Raspberry Lime Energy Mocktail
We're zesting up our morning routine by taking our Raspberry Lime Energy to another level with no sugar added and some extra fresh fruit for a fun and easy mocktail from our friend My Diary of Us.
Cherry Cola Slushie
Warmer weather calls for colder treats like this Cherry Cola Slushie from our friend My Diary of Us. With just 2 ingredients, you can have this no sugar added dessert whipped up (or blended up) in no time. 
Pineapple Dark & Stormy
Regardless of the weather, this no sugar added pineapple dark and stormy from our friend My Diary of Us is a better-for-you cocktail we can enjoy all year long. A little rum and pineapple goes a long way when paired with...
Orange Creamsicle Float
This Orange Creamsicles is a nostalgic tribute to a childhood favorite with none of the sugar from the old school versions. With Zevia Kidz Orange Cream, we can satisfy our cravings with this simple, 4-ingredient dessert for your kids and...
Fruit Punch Slushee
We're combining two of our all-time childhood favorites for one delicious and refreshing treat thanks to the help of our friend My Diary of Us. This Zevia Kidz Fruit Punch Slushee is our newest obsession and takes just minutes to...
Rosemary Blood Orange Fizz
Ditch the champagne toast and cheers with a new kind of bubbly cocktail made with Zevia Ginger Ale. Of course, we can't completely skip the chamapgne, we're upgrading with some vodka, fresh rosemary, and blood oranges thanks to the help...
Watermelon Granita
Optional excerpt/summary. Treat the whole family to a refreshing and simple watermelon granita.