Zevia Ginger Ale Gingerbread Owl Cookies
Whip up the perfect no sugar added gingerbread cookies for your holiday celebrations!
Quinoa Salad with Zevia Orange Cilantro Salad Dressing
Smarten up that salad and use this homemade dressing to ensure you know exactly what you’re eating! Recipe created by FitFoodieG!
Easter Chicks Lemon Cupcakes
As an homage to the classic Easter marshmallow chicks, we’re whipping up something a tiny bit more health conscious! These adorable Easter chicks were created by Elleventy.
Cherry Cola Chocolate Brownies
We like to keep our recipes clean and we know you’re with us!
Zevia Black Cherry Vanilla Cobbler
This gluten-free dessert by Luxe and the Lady - with zero added sugar and made with Zevia Black Cherry Soda - will definitely turn heads!
Vegan Lemon Lime Ice Cream Cakes
If it was up to us, we'd choose ice cream cake flowers over real flowers every day of the week! These gorgeous ice cream flowers were developed by Luxe and the Lady.
Zevia Grape Soda Cupcakes
Whip up this unique cupcake flavor combination and be prepared to be amazed! Makes 36 cupcakes. Approximately 170 calories per cupcake.
Zevia Raw Matcha Citrus Cheesecake
Skip the artificial coloring and dyes and opt for a naturally green dessert created by Luxe and the Lady!
Soba Noodle Salad with Zevia Mango Ginger Energy Dressing
With the help of Rachl Mansfield, skip the sugar-filled salad dressings and whip up this quick and easy alternative!
Zevia Strawberries and Cream Soda Cupcakes
These cupcakes truly are a match made in heaven!
Kentucky Tea Cocktail
What pairs better with Kentucky bourbon than a little sweet tea? With Zevia Organic Black Tea, we can enjoy a delicious, familiar cocktail with none of the added sugar from regular sweetened tea with the help of our friend Salt...
Pear Bourbon Cooler
Given how few pear cocktails are around, we decided we needed to take matters into our own hands. By combining the spice from bourbon and Zevia Ginger Ale with the sweetness and citrus from pear juice, we may have concocted the...
Vegan Chocolate Orange Muffins
Satisfy your sweet tooth with none of the sugar thanks to our friend Heart of a Baker. This no sugar added treat is a perfect breakfast, afternoon snack, or dessert for the citrus and chocolate lovers out there.
Spiced Citrus Ginger Mocktail
A little spice and citrus makes for a heavenly mocktail. With no added sugar, this tasty concoction made with Zevia Ginger Ale from All Purpose Flour Child is all we're craving right now.
Vegan Grapefruit Cashew Cheesecake
With as decadent as cheesecake is, it would be a dream come true if we could indulge without all of the sugar and guilt that comes along with it. Thanks to our friend Heart of a Baker, now we can....
Zevia Orange Creamsicle Donuts
We put a unique twist on orange creamsicles. We decided to turn them into donuts with the help of our friend Luxe and the Lady. With no sugar added as always, you'll get the same taste you love with none of the...
Sparkling Ginger Ale Apple Punch
Get your holiday party started the right way with a sugar-free punch from Paleo Gluten Free Eats!
Blackberry Lemon Spritzer
Sometimes, we want to relax after a long day and enjoy something simple and easy to make. Created by the brilliant Heart of a Baker .
Blackberry Bourbon Zevia Cooler
We combined the smokey flavor of bourbon with some mint, ginger, and the fruitiness from some blackberries for an incredibly simply, yet tasty cocktail!
Vegan Grapefruit Orange Cake
Perk up with a "better for you" sweet treat. With Zevia Grapefruit Energy, this vegan grapefruit orange cake will give you the boost you need with none of the junk and zero sugar, thanks to the help of Heart of...
Zevia Cucumber Gin and Tonic
Freshen up the Gin and Tonic with some cucumber and some sugar-free Zevia Tonic Water courtesy of our friend The Weekend Mixologist!