Blackberry Bourbon Zevia Cooler
We combined the smokey flavor of bourbon with some mint, ginger, and the fruitiness from some blackberries for an incredibly simply, yet tasty cocktail!
Vegan Grapefruit Orange Cake
Perk up with a "better for you" sweet treat. With Zevia Grapefruit Energy, this vegan grapefruit orange cake will give you the boost you need with none of the junk and zero sugar, thanks to the help of Heart of...
Zevia Cucumber Gin and Tonic
Freshen up the Gin and Tonic with some cucumber and some sugar-free Zevia Tonic Water courtesy of our friend The Weekend Mixologist!
Blueberry Cream Soda Pancakes
There's nothing better than made from scratch pancakes in the morning. Most recipes contain sugar or other alternatives that have the same effects as sugar. Instead, treat yourself with none of the sugar and guilt with these super easy blueberry...
Sparkling Sugar Free Black Cherry Lemonade
Swapping out sugary sodas is never easy. Even with substitutes like juice, there's lots of added sugar and unnecessary ingredients. This mocktail made with nothing but real fruit, stevia, and Zevia Black Cherry, you can quench your thirst the healthier...
Sparkling Ginger Margarita
Upgrade your margarita with our sparkling, ginger concoction! 
Strawberry Ginger Punch
We've got your party mocktail needs thanks to our friend Joyfully Mad. With no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, this Strawberry Ginger Punch is the easiest way to pour up something fun.
Spiced Blackberry Negroni
Take a load off and relax with this delicious, no sugar added twist on a Negroni from our friend Holly and Flora. Bonus: you can use some of the tea-infused sweet vermouth in a loads of different recipes too!
Zevia Cream Soda Christmas Cookies
Keep your tradition of decorating cookies alive without any of the added sugar thanks to Luxe and the Lady!
Winter Citrus Salad
Sugar has no place in salad dressings, but it's more common than not. Instead of a store-bought brand, whip up this better-for-you Winter Citrus Salad with stevia sweetened Zevia Grapefruit Citrus soda salad dressing by All Purpose Flour Child.
Flamingo Grapefruit Citrus Yogurt Popsicles
Cool off with this creative and adorable healthier dessert!
Zevia Almond Butter and Grape "Beary" Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches
We combined ice cream sandwiches with another classic sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to make a new essential summer dessert!
Zevia Ginger Ale Spice Cake
By swapping out that sugar for stevia and Zevia Ginger Ale, you’re reducing the cake by a whopping 1160 calories!
Guilt-Free Black Cherry Float
When was the last time you had a black cherry float? Trust us, they're amazing. Created by the brilliant Monika Hibbs.
Coconut Cream Soda Martini
Coconut cocktails aren't just a tropical weather drinks. Pour yourself up a simple and delicious no-sugar-added Coconut Cream Soda Martini no matter the weather outside. It'll transport you to a warmer place if you aren't in one already! 
Cherry Cola Meatballs
Meatballs are great for many occasions, whether it's a a party appetizer or just a personal snack or meal. Instead of buying frozen meatballs with sugary BBQ sauce, whip up these turkey meatballs made with a sugar free Zevia Cherry...
St. Patrick's Day Spinach Pancakes
While these Spinach Pancakes from My Diary of Us are perfect for St. Patrick's Day, they're fun and colorful enough for any occasion. With no added sugar and just natural color from spinach, this breakfast is the best way to...
Pistachio Lime Cheesecake Bites
Cheesecake is one of our favorite treats, but it's not exactly the healthiest...until now. Not only did we rid them of all of that sugar, we spiced things up by adding some pistachios and lime. Sweetened with nothing but dates...
Flourless Zevia Root Beer Float Brownies
We turned root beer floats into brownies - because why not?
Grapefruit Citrus Zevia Salad Dressing!
By now, you've probably heard that you can bake with Zevia. Zevia also makes a great salad dressing! Seriously! Most salad dressings are packed with sugar and lots of other junk. With Zevia, you can not only drink clean, but eat...
Ginger Ale Infused Mixed Berry Cobbler
Mixed berry cobbler is a holiday dessert staple, and with good reason. While it's super delicious, it can be a ton of work to make from scratch. As always, we're here to make This recipe is as simple as can be with...