Coconut Cola Donuts
Mini donuts are better than regular donuts for one simple reason: you can eat more of them! Thanks to Haute Sucre, you can really indulge since all of these are made with no added sugar. Bon appetit!
Lemon Lime Frosé
Frosé might just be our new favorite way to get our wine fix. Save a few dollars and a whole lot of sugar and calories with a homemade version made with Zevia Lemon Lime Twist.
Black Cherry Popsicles
Traditional popsicles are tasty, but the ingredient lists are a mile long. With only 3 ingredients, these Black Cherry Popsicles from Foodness Gracious will make your dessert decisions simpler and healthier than ever.
Root Beer Float Waffles
If we told you that you could have root beer floats for breakfast, how quickly would you jump at the chance? Well, today is your lucky day. thanks to Heart of a Baker, you can enjoy these Root Beer Float...
Carrot Ginger Mule
Who would have thought carrot juice would be the ingredient we've been missing in our cocktails? This colorful and delicious drink from All Purpose Flour Child has a perfect balance of sweet, spice, and earthiness that you didn't know you needed....
Zevia Oatmeal Ginger Energy Bites
When you're on the go, a full breakfast isn't always possible. Instead, kick your day off with a portable and sugar free breakfast from Real Food with Gratitude. These energy bites made with Zevia Ginger Ale will help keep you...
Zevia Very Berry Energy Bowl
We love smoothie bowls, but do you ever wish it had a little more of a kick? Look no further. Our very berry energy breakfast bowl made with Zevia Raspberry Lime Energy is the perfect way to get your breakfast...
Berry Citrus Paloma
Warm weather means citrus cocktails are in order. Right now, we're enjoying the sunshine with a guilt-free Berry Citrus Paloma made with Zevia Grapefruit Citrus soda in hand thanks to the help of Beautiful Booze.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl
Whether it's for breakfast or dessert, there's never a bad time for a smoothie bowl. Thanks to our friend Modest Marce, these frothy treats are the sugar-free snack you'll crave when the weather warms up.
Merlot Grape Popsicle
We're throwing it back with an ode to a favorite childhood treat, with a grown up twist from our friend Salt and Lavender. This no-sugar-added grape popsicle made with Zevia Grape soda and Merlot is beautiful, boozy, and sure to be...
Grape Citrus Gin Cooler
Yuzu, the Asian citrus fruit, is booming in popularity right now, and we're all for it. This cocktail from Tipsy Muse utilizes the sweetness from Zevia Grape soda to balance out the tartness from the yuzu with a bit of bite...
Strawberry Orange Scones
We don't always have time to make a full meal in the mornings. Pastries are great, but most are loaded with sugar. Instead, whip up these no sugar added scones from Joyfully Mad for your on-the-go snack with none of...
Mai Tai Spritz
Mai Tais are great when the weather is warm, but there's never really a bad time to have one. With this better-for-you version from The Weekend Mixologist, you can enjoy a drink and unwind with none of the unnecessary added sugar.
Blood Orange Bourbon Punch
Your party punch just got upgraded. Instead of your typical sugary mixture, we've got a sugar-free cocktail made with Zevia Ginger Ale from Holly and Flora that will get the party started with none of the junk you're used to....
Twisted Pineapple Margarita
Margaritas are a cocktail fit for any occasion. We put a healthier spin with this version from Beautiful Booze by adding some smoky flavor and spice from the mezcal and Tajin. Sweetened with just Zevia Lemon Lime Twist and fresh...
Lemon Vegetable Tempura
Veggies aren't always our favorite thing to eat, so of course we had to find an easier way. Using a bit of Zevia Cucumber Lemon Sparkling Water for some extra airiness, these refreshing snacks from All Purpose Flour Child are the...
Spiced Malbec Kalimotxo
When the weather warms up, we like to get our drink on. Similar to a sangria, our no sugar added Spiced Malbec Kalimotxo from My Diary of Us is the perfect mid-afternoon cocktail to help you soak up the sun!
Keto Cola Chocolate Skillet Cake
Eating clean doesn't mean you have to entirely cut out dessert. This low-carb chocolate cake from Cast Iron Keto contains no added sugar and will definitely curb your cravings. Bonus points: each serving clocks in at 374 calories with a mere 5.1g...
Raspberry Ginger Float
Soda floats were a staple of our childhood. Just because we're older, doesn't mean we have to give those up. Instead, we whipped up a no sugar added, boozy version from All Purpose Flour Child made with Zevia Ginger Beer.
Zevia Strawberry Ice Cubes
Spice up your champagne without any added sugar with this creation from Salt and Lavender.
Zevia Smoothie Bowl
Lots of people turn to smoothies to start eating clean again. That doesn't work when most store-bought smoothies are loaded with added sugar. Who needs it when fruit is already sweet enough? We mixed up our own smoothie bowl from...