Little girl popping illustrated bubbles while drinking a can of Zevia Kids.

Delicious flavors for tiny taste buds

Can of Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch

We’ve taken the beloved childhood classic and made it fizzier and tastier. Our Fruit Punch flavor has zero sugar and nothing artificial.

Can of Orange Cream

Orange Cream

Did we make Orange Cream just as yummy as it sounds? We did. We also made it sugar-less and artificial ingredient-less. Enjoy.

Can of Fizzy Apple

Fizzy Apple

Satisfy a tiny sweet tooth the natural way with our Fizzy Apple flavor. This stuff is like a pour of fun without the artificial sweeteners.

Can of Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

A little bit strawberry-y, a little bit lemonade-y, all super tasty. Our Strawberry Lemonade flavor is a favorite—with no sugar and nothing artificial.

4 Cans in Variety Pack 4 Cans in Variety Pack

Variety Pack

Why have one favorite flavor when you can have four? Stock your fridge with our variety pack and try whichever flavor the little hearts in your home desire.

Zero sugar, Lightly fizzy, Nothing artificial

It’s everything you wished for

So, what exactly is Zevia Kidz? Great question. It’s got all the fun fizzle of soda and tangy sweet flavor of juice, but somehow, it’s neither. It’s a delicious drink that keeps all the good stuff, leaves out all the bad. Zero sugar, lightly fizzy, nothing artificial. Yep, we did all that on purpose.

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It checks out

Talk about bragging rights (not that we’d ever), new Zevia Kidz is a carbonated beverage that features the Disney Check, which makes it easier for kids and families to identify better-for-you choices.

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Help Mickey Meet With Pluto!

games and fun for little ones

Who doesn't enjoy some good, old-fashioned games? Entertain the little ones or join in yourself – because, let's face it. This fun is good for everyone.

help Mickey Mouse find his best friend Pluto!

use your imagination and color with
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

Disney Micky Mouse & Friends
Disney Micky Mouse & Friends

Perfect can for your little characters

Every can of Zevia Kidz features a classic, lovable Disney character—a little something nostalgic for parents, a big something fun for kiddos.

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Even littles should live their best

Zevia Kidz is the latest addition to Zevia’s family of zero sugar, zero calorie beverages, getting sugar out of the way so you can live your best. We invite you to join in and follow us on that journey. #LIVEYOURBEST

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