Live your best ride

4,764 Miles. One Purpose.

Why ride your bike across the country?

For amateur cyclist and positive thinker Robert Gay, the answer is simple: to realize a long-time goal, sparked during childhood. Today, that goal is part of a broader personal passion to live his best—and perhaps inspire others along the way to discover what it means to live your best, too.

The Live Your Best Ride begins on the Northwest coast and crosses the finish line 107 days later in Key West, FL. As part of this soul-fueling journey, Robert is encouraging kids to explore the country—and their own possibilities in it—by donating 72 bike sets (bike, helmet, water bottle, and more) to Trips for Kids, a nonprofit that empowers kids through a wide range of cycling programs. This donation will actually help thousands of kids be curious, explore the outdoors, and learn through adventure.

Inspired by Robert’s personal goal, the Zevia brand with its “Live Your Best” ethos is proud to support him. As the Live Your Best Ride makes special stops along the route, it will bring with it free samples of refreshing and delicious zero sugar, zero calorie Zevia sodas, energy drinks, and USDA Organic and Fair-Trade Certified teas.

Meet the Rider, Robert

While the Live Your Best Ride technically starts on August 6, 2019, it truly started decades ago when Robert (below) was just a boy riding matching bikes with his late brother Stephen (whose birthday is August 6) in Green Bay, WI. His brother always encouraged Robert to go “all-in”—approach life with an optimistic attitude, follow his internal inspiration and live passionately. In honor of his memory, Robert is packing up his brother’s 1982 Motobecane bike and riding it the first mile each day of the tour.

Roberts Bio Pic

When he’s not on a bike, Robert remains committed to helping people live their best—however they define it—through his role as the Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zevia. The brand is dedicated to creating refreshing and delicious beverages with zero sugar, zero calories, and zero artificial ingredients to help people reduce their sugar consumption so they can feel and be their best.

“The most significant distance I’m covering can’t be measured in miles. It’s a personal journey to learn more about myself and from others along the way. To me, the pursuit is as rewarding as the podium.”

Favorite place to ride:

Colorado’s natural countryside.

Favorite gear:

A vintage 1982 Motobecane bike.

Before-ride fuel:

A Zevia Raspberry Lime or Kola Energy Drink.

Go-to post-ride fuel:

Dark greens. Plain tuna.

Trips for Kids: Going the Extra Mile for Tomorrow

Trips for Kids is a nonprofit that provides transformative cycling experiences to empower youth from all walks of life, especially those most in need. With a network of local chapters, they promote healthy, recreational lifestyles, and environmental awareness through a variety of programs—from leading discovery trail rides for kids to helping them learn the mechanics of bikes and more.

Beyond the obvious cycling connection, the Trips for Kids mission is in-line with the mission of Robert’s ride—to encourage and empower people to live their best. Trips for Kids uses bicycles as tools to create curiosity and as a way for kids to learn and explore, making the outdoors accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live.

Learn more about Trips for Kids
Trips for Kids, Erie
Trips for Kids, Marin
Trips for Kids, Marin
Zevia bus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Live Your Best Ride?

    The Live Your Best Ride is one person’s cross-country journey to live his best. Rider Robert Gay is biking nearly 5,000 miles, from Neah Bay, WA to Key West, FL, to pursue a personal passion and hopefully inspire others to do the same along the way.

  • Who is Robert and what inspired him to do the Live Your Best Ride?

    Robert Gay is an amateur cyclist and Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Zevia. His late brother Stephen always encouraged him to follow his internal compass and enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, some of Robert’s fondest childhood memories are of riding bikes with his brother. So, in honor of Stephen and his eternal optimism, Robert is setting out to truly live his best through this ride.

  • What is the Live Your Best Ride route?

    The cross-country ride starts in Neah Bay, WA on August 6, 2019 and finishes about 107 days later in Key West, FL. In total, the route is just under 5,000 miles (4,764.2 miles to be exact). Along the way, Robert will be making stops and hosting events to encourage others to live their best, however they define it. View the route.

  • How long will the Live Your Best Ride take?

    Approximately 107 days, with a few rest days along the way.

  • Can others join the ride?

    While the events along the route are open to the public, the ride route is not. Robert is inviting a few friends and family members to join him during select parts of the actual ride route.

  • How did Robert train for the ride?

    Although a cross-country ride has been a long-time dream of Robert’s, this is his first long-distance ride. Robert started training in January on a stationary bike, riding anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours (approx. 40 miles), five days a week. During those long indoor rides, he’d split his time between keeping a log of his thoughts, which became a blueprint for the following day, as well as watching concerts of some of his favorite bands. On the weekends leading up to the ride, he took longer trail rides up to 60 miles.

  • What bike is Robert riding? What gear is he using?

    As a special tribute to his late brother Stephen, who inspires him to live his best, Robert will ride his brother’s 1982 Motobecane bike for the first mile of each day. He’ll be outfitted with a helmet, padded bibs for comfort, and biking gloves.

  • What is Trips for Kids?

    Trips for Kids is a nonprofit with chapters throughout the country that provide transformative cycling experiences for young people of all communities, especially those most in need. They use bikes as tools to promote healthy, recreational lifestyles, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment.

  • How is the Live Your Best Ride benefiting Trips for Kids?

    First, Zevia is helping support the opening of a Seattle-area Trips for Kids chapter by providing 10 bike sets (i.e., a bike, a helmet, water bottle, bike pump, and more), which will help up to 300 kids each year get started cycling. Then, the brand is donating an additional 62 bike sets to different Trips for Kids chapters along the way. That works out to 72 bike sets for Trips for Kids, which will help up to 5,000 kids experience the joy of outdoor adventures through the nonprofit’s Discovery Trail Rides and Adventure Club programs.

  • What is Zevia?

    Zevia is a beverage company with a brand ethos of Live Your Best. The brand offers delicious and refreshing zero sugar, zero calorie sodas, mixers, energy drinks, and USDA Organic and Fair-Trade Certified teas. Made with premium ingredients—never artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives—Zevia helps get sugar out of the way so people can live their best, however they choose to define it. To learn more about Zevia, visit

  • Why and how is Zevia supporting the Live Your Best Ride?

    While rider Robert Gay serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zevia today, his goal to do this cross-country ride was sparked long before he joined the company. Realizing that Robert is truly living his best through this ride, others at Zevia were inspired and expressed interest in officially supporting it as a brand. As part of its involvement, Zevia is donating 72 bike sets (i.e., a bike, helmet, and safety kit) to nonprofit Trips for Kids.

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