With Real

From citrus oil to ginger, our flavors come from real ingredients you would find right in your own kitchen.


Making smarter choices doesn’t stop with the ingredients that we put into our products.  From the packaging we select, to the way we manufacture and transport Zevia, ensuring we are working as efficiently for the consumer and the planet are of the utmost importance.  From big decisions to small changes, doing what’s right is in our DNA.

Non-GMO Project Verified

We are proud to have all products Non-GMO Project Verified and we remain committed to creating a cleaner soda with transparent labeling.

No Artificial Colors

All Zevia products are free of artificial ingredients, including artificial colors. Zevia sodas, energy drinks, and mixers are clear in color and proud of it, and our teas are the natural color of brewed tea leaves with no coloring additives. While scientists and researchers dispute whether caramel color is or isn't linked to cancer, it just didn't make sense to us to continue using an ingredient that has significant health concerns. After all, caramel color is just that - a color, not a flavor.

No Phosphoric Acid

This common soda ingredient can have negative side effects for your bones, teeth and kidneys.  In our quest for better ingredients, we knew we could do better, so we formulated Zevia without Phosphoric Acid.  For more information on our Calcium, Potassium, and Phosphorus rates, click here.

Nothing Artificial

To us, anything we put in our bodies should be free of artificial ingredients. Living our best means avoiding the fake stuff. That's why we use only real, plant-based ingredients in our beverages, ingredients you can feel good about consuming.