It's Not Just A Soda, it's a Zevia

We knew we could make something better, so we did

We’re soda lovers but we are also conscious consumers and concerned parents. Integrity and honesty matter.

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Smarter Ingredients

Calories, sugar and artificial sweeteners just aren’t our jam.
Consumers asked us to remove caramel color, so we did.
Non-GMO Project Verification? You betcha!


Your emails, calls, tweets, and the occasional message in a bottle, have helped shape us and for that, we are SO grateful! When you reach out, whether to say hi, share the love or ask a hard question, we are here, excited to make a new friend.

A bold commitment to continuous improvement

We were always the first kid in class to raise our hand, and the ones that just couldn’t sit still. We might be all grown up but our passion for running fast and reaching higher is stronger than ever. One might say we are just getting started....
It's Not Just New It's The New Sweet